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£650,000 Yacht Tour : 2015 Princess 52


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39 thoughts on “£650,000 Yacht Tour : 2015 Princess 52

  1. I'd say the camera definition is actually not quite as good as the Gopro when played on a 42" tv, however it is alittle steadier perhaps. Overall I'd stick with the more manageable Gopro. What a lovely vessel, my sort of boat.

  2. Great review as always Nick.

    In terms of the camera setup – if I'm brutally honest I don't think I'd have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it (given that I'm watching YouTube on a laptop (and given your previous vids are excellent anyway)). Yes after reading some comments I do see differences in perspective, depth of field, contrast, colour definition etc.

    I've been doing (self-taught) photography for my wife's online shop for years, I've studied a lot and as a non-professional get good results, BUT the one thing I noticed is; when I stepped up to an expensive 'professional quality' setup it did not give me the immediate 'wow-factor' or step up in quality that I expected! Rather I had to work FAR harder to achieve the improved quality the more expensive equipment was capable of. I guess that's why professionals are professionals! Things like go-pros are very forgiving with all the compensatory/point and shoot features, and I think professional setups can often be far less forgiving as you really need to know your stuff and do more prep. In my situation the jury's still out – I can definitely get better results from the professional setup BUT I find it a lot harder and more time consuming so often go back to the previous setup for convenience.

    I don't historically see many (if any) comments complaining about the quality of your vids Nick (maybe other than flickering screens and lights) – but on the other hand, if you look at the other boating channels that employ professionals to do the filming you do actually see lots of grumbles around the fact that filming and artistic licence can often detract from the practical content.

    I guess it's a fine balance, and if you've got the time to get to grips with a new setup then great, but don't bust your balls because I'm guessing that if you gave your subscribers the choice of (a) better quality video or (b) more content (see trials, meet the owners, entry level tips etc.) then I'd be pretty sure than most people would choose the later. Cheers!

  3. How come all the UK videos only cover (in the 40-60 ft range) Princess, Broom, and Fairlane yachts? The best value for your dollar is always a true trawler style. Oh sure, trawlers are not as slick looking, but they never seem to be "looking for space" (especially in the galley) like the Fairlane and the Princesses do. Just my opinion. I enjoy your videos. You're the best.

  4. Absolutely great reviews are a norm on aquaholic channel. Now let's get more subscribers to this channel and buy this boat for Nick and Susan. And then we can have a vlog of actual boat living and cruising life/cost/managing etc.

  5. I do think the new camera is more crisp and the colors seem to pop. I think if you spent the money on this camera – the more you use it and get better with it – you’ll find some good pros for it as well as the old one. Either way, your vids are great. Thanks, Nick!

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