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7 Horror Movies One Step From Perfection


The near-classics 1 scene, 1 character, or 1 minor misstep from flawlessness…

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Date: September 18, 2022

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24 thoughts on “7 Horror Movies One Step From Perfection

  1. I feel like the slapstick, college bro comedy during Hostel is what makes it THE torture porn model film. Without a few uncomfortable laughs, torture porn is just an endurance contest for viewers.

  2. WhatCulture Horror has said in so many videos that 13 Ghosts is a bad movie. Now I take everything they say with a grain of salt. LOL
    DISCLAIMER! I know it’s their opinion and I don’t mean any harm with this comment. It is just a joke….like their videos. 🤣 AGAIN, a joke. ✌️& ❤️

  3. I would add the 2017 film The Ritual. Brilliant cinematography, excellent ramping up of tension, good acting and well-crafted characters with depth and purpose. And then they ruined it in the last 15 minutes by finally revealing the CGI monster and turning it into a cartoonish showdown.

    I'd have it replace Midsommar because that film was a hell of a lot further than one step from perfection. Other than the amazing cinematography it had nothing of substance to offer. Plot was thin and full of holes, the characters were unlikeable and irritating, the pacing was meandering and drawn out, and the overall movie relied far too much on "theme" and "allegory" rather than actual well-crafted horror. And the ending was just a blatant ripoff of the Wicker Man (and I'm not even talking about the excellent 1973 version; I mean the Nic Cage meme one). Perhaps worst of all, not a single scene (other than perhaps the face-smashing bit) was actually frightening or disturbing. I find Ari Aster to be monumentally overrated in general (Hereditary was better but still nowhere near as good as the hype it got); if you want actual chilling and well-crafted modern folk horror, stick to Ben Wheatley (Kill List, A Field In England) or perhaps Robert Eggers (The Witch, The Lighthouse).

    I highly recommend the Critical Drinker's on point review of Midsommar (and the follow-up video How Not To Critique Movies), which explains really well why that film was so bad.

  4. Midsommer, a modern classic?? Girl, you are ready to start writing praising phrases in old DVD and blueray cases… A pity. Out of everybody in your channel, you usually were the one to listen to.

  5. Apologies to many but “The Exorcist” gets a 0.3/10 for me. It’s a poor film.
    I think Halloween is a bench mark for movies where you really get to see a lot of the killer.
    Alien is pretty close for how little you see the creature
    It Follows is brilliant – except for the swimming pool which is a little meh.

    Going for all out perfection is tough, but Saw is a prime example for almost perfection. The massive problem is, the remaining guy had no chance of getting his key – it goes down the drain long before either character in the room have a clue what is going on.

  6. High Tension, the most disgusting, terri…."Wait, that's the twist?!"- Type of Film I've ever seen! Its was near perfect and the Trucker was so nasty and TRULY/REALISTICALLY evil and disturbing character that wears his hat down enough, you rarely see his face, and when you do, and he's a bloody, his eyes are wildly insane, making it a waste of a possibly great horror icon! They fucked up because for her to be the killer, she wouldn't have been able to do both parts as it would have to take 2 separate people to pull that off! Ok, like how is she driving and the car does move, but yet she's in the back with her as well, and the wounds the killer gave her are still there, so ok fine maybe she did that to herself but there's just no sense that she's hiding from him and all this stuff and has no idea where to find her and didnt they see together the brother die? I mean at the end she could see her but sensed her, which is like now she has supernatural powers, though she did look scary they could have made that a dream sequence that she went insane but I'd love to see a plot cut where it made sense!

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