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7 New Cheap Cars That Make You Look Rich


Nowadays, new cars are cheaper than used cars! So, how do you look rich without spending a ton of money?
Well, these 7 new cars will make you look rich for the least amount of money!
Gotta fake it till ya make it right?!

Find All These Ideal Cars On AutoTEMPEST:
BMW 3 Series –
Infiniti Q60 –
Volvo Q60 –
Lexus ES –
Audi A4 –
Lexus IS –
Mercedes CLA –
Toyota Prius –

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Date: September 18, 2022

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40 thoughts on “7 New Cheap Cars That Make You Look Rich

  1. I recently upgrade from my old 2013 prius 4 to 2017 Lexus is 200t. I love it so much! I bought it for 27k and out the door was 30k with most of the packages feature at 50k miles. Clean title. I assume that a 2019 IS at 29k out the door would be 34k base and limited packages

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