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7 PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS (easily make $200/day)


Passive income is a great way to make more money! But where do you start with knowing how to create passive income? In today's video, I'm going to give you 7 passive income ideas that you can start!

0:00 Intro
1:08 Passive Income Idea #1
4:12 Passive Income Idea #2
6:35 Passive Income Idea #3
9:35 Passive Income Idea #4
12:53 Passive Income Idea #5
16:00 Passive Income Idea #6
17:58 Passive Income Idea #7

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Date: September 16, 2022

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39 thoughts on “7 PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS (easily make $200/day)

  1. This video is fantastic and helpful! but her “workshop” you have to sign up for is a joke. Nothing helpful in it, you have to buy her course to get anything useful. It’s great to make a course and sell it…but don’t waste our time for an hour pretending it is a workshop when really it is just a commercial. That completely turns me off to whatever you are selling.

  2. All these young people acting like it's no big deal having 30 streams of income lol. Easy, just make youtube videos, classes on how to make youtube videos, e-books on how to make youtube videos, coaching others on how to make money, e books on coaching, buy real estate, etc.

  3. I must say that your video guides have really helped me find a profitable stay home job that have been earning me $1550 daily profit withdrawals with free mentorship program too. I'm hoping you keep it up.. 😘

  4. Nice video! Everyone needs to find what gives true financial freedom and happiness. Making passive money is really cool I will try this in addition to my investment income Thank you 👍👍

  5. Hi Gillian, subbed! Thanks for the content and loved all of it and agreed with strategies. Thanks for your honesty in mentioning the why as well. I know a lot goes into the creation of the videos as I have tried a little bit of YouTube you may not see the value in this may have been someone else doing the transcribing as well(as I know that’s an active method of income 😉). In the video the word capitol should be may have also been mentioned in the 95 comments as well. Have a good one and looking forward to more content! My wife may be taking your courses!

  6. I am 55 years old with very little set aside for retirement at this point. I have always been curious about the stock market and have witnessed some people who played the game right and retired early because they used the stock market. When I ask
    them, most said that they invested very little to start with, but their portfolio grew. I do have a significant
    amount of capital that is required to start up but I have no idea what strategies and direction I need to
    approach to help me make decent returns.

  7. Thank you for the clean content and for pointing out that passive income requires upfront work (best possible scenario). Most people forget that part 😂 I belong to the pre-internet crowd, we built a real estate business for residual income.

    Three years ago I successfully shifted to e-commerce utilizing network marketing. I want to create a better infrastructure around it (sales funnel) to automate the online presence, so that I can have more time for 1:1 in “real life”. Working only digitally since the beginning of Covid makes me crave the human connection.

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