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7 Performance Art Videos That Will Blow Your Mind#Performance #Art #Videos #Blow #Mind


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Today, YouTube Nation highlights amazing performance art involving everything from projection mapping and awkward Playstation games to Jay Z and Yoko Ono.
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Featured in this show:

performance Olivier de Sagazan 2008
By olivier de sagazan:

Unlock Art: Frank Skinner on Performance Art
By Tate:

JAY Z “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film”
By JAY Z’s Life+Times:

Projection mapping live performance art – The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk
By a dandypunk:
Music: Ants by edIT


By moja0eee:

Working Playstation Controller Bra & Bro at Vector Game/Art Festival
By Hopkins Duffield:

Bjӧrk – Mutual Core – OFFICIAL – Art + Music – MOCAtv

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Date: October 14, 2020

47 thoughts on “7 Performance Art Videos That Will Blow Your Mind#Performance #Art #Videos #Blow #Mind

  1. I think there can be great performance art but just having a strong meaning behind something does not make it good art. You can put a meaning with complicated words behind anything. I think recognizing the well made performance art is the key. Magic shows, circuses, stand up, puppet shows, music videos etc are all technically performance art yet it isn't seen as performance art. Just like digital art is technically Modern Art yet isn't seen as it. So really, bad performance art gets the title performance art and good performance art gets put in another category.

    The only one I liked on here was the light project one. Not my style but still well done.

    You know what, if you don't like the video games you play, then go make your own.

  2. The hosts at this channel have no clue, knowledge, culture or artistic knowledge. They are a few uncultured swines who think they have the power to undermine art in such way.

  3. que penca, cuando muestran el video de jay z hacen referencia a cualquier cosa menos a la aparicion de marina…. mehace dudar seriamentede que sepan que lo que hablan

  4. I have just started to find out about all this stuff. The channel that has completely changed my way of thinking and approach to YouTubeing is alantutorial. It is so far the most thought provoking thing I've seen in a long time. I know there's alot out there and I've barely began to scrape the surface, but as of right now the top three series that have had me intrigued are: 3, the blame truth/recordings project, 2, the channel "meat", and 1, alantutorial. the reason I put Alan as number one is because it has envoked so many different emotions in me from humor to sadness, fear, isolation, anger and liberation to name a few. thanks guys!

  5. Hey little Girl, ,How the Hell would you Know If "Yoko Ono" Had ANYTHING TO DO WITH SPLITTING UP THE Bloody BETTLES Or Not? When Ya…What 18-23 y.o? I'm 43 & was B4 My TIME!!* Just Concern Your "Opinions" to Things You Do Know About! Like???..Dressing Like a Intellectual F..k Wit!" & Perhaps worry Bout things Happening in Ur Own "F. .d-Up" Country!!& Black Queeny Guy @ Start talking Bout "Jay Zee" "Too High Camp!. Why not Use Ru Paul & Do it Properly!* Painful to Watch these"Kids"!!Vomit

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  8. Just wondering, how do you get noticed on YouTube? No matter what I try and do, I can't quite get it… Oh well.

    Here's the challenge that I have for you, Earnest.
    What is the most popular video in YouTube history? #stumpearnest  

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