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A Day Living in a Car in Chicago as a Student


This is an unexciting, no-work day of a whole day studying as a full-time student living in the car.

If You Do, Don't By Vincent & A Secret


Date: September 15, 2022

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35 thoughts on “A Day Living in a Car in Chicago as a Student

  1. Here in the UK we have a lot of people living and sleeping in cars, it shouldn't be this way but blame that on the cost of living…………….BUT then again we all like the concept of tiny living, the freedom to go where you want, no bills, no mortgage and fewer personal possessions that clutter all our lives.

  2. Hello. I’ve been watching your videos and it really motivated me to move into my car (a lifestyle I’ve always wanted to do). I graduated as a nurse and currently working as one! I know you’re in LA now but I’m from chicago. What are some good spots to car camp?? Thank you again for the amazing content you put out!!

  3. Can you move into a dorm room on campus? How about off campus living like an apartment with a roommate or roommates? Have you thought about those options????????????????????????

  4. When my daughter went to the University of California, Santa Cruz, she said a number of the students either lived in the cars or in the forest surrounding the campus. The weather is much nicer in California. I am from Chicago. Frankly, the weather was so miserable, I have never been back. You might want to consider transferring to California. Its also safer than Chicago.

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