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a realistic SKIMS try-on & review 😳


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23 thoughts on “a realistic SKIMS try-on & review 😳

  1. Generally a lot of shapewear are see through and meant to be worn under clothes to give you more of a shape in the right places. Then when you go out it hold in moisture locks in sweat while letting your body look good and comfortable

  2. I got the s/m bodysuit and I normally wear a small. It might have been cute but the second I pulled up the middle between the cleavage it ripped the way panty hose rip. Not the best material for a body suit. They did refund me but I had seen all these reviews and saying it was amazing. Even if it had not ripped, the material was so thin it didn't really do anything as far as shaping the body.

  3. I bought a bog standar shapewear underwear that was tiiiightly elasticated from the pubis/Mons all the way up to above the belly button. The elastic was then designed looser above the belly button, and then fully loose at the ribcage/braline. Basically left NO squishy cut off line. They were amazing and I wish I could find them again

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