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A safe spot: Help for people living out of their cars in Longmont


HOPE Longmont Safelot has created a space for people experiencing homelessness to safely park their cars overnight so they can sleep and receive services.


Date: September 16, 2022

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11 thoughts on “A safe spot: Help for people living out of their cars in Longmont

  1. Only 5 reasons for homelessness
    1. Mental illness – thanks to government failure in the 1980s, many mental hospitals were closed and turned their residences out on the street, without adequate support.
    2. Drug addiction – people choose their addiction over employment and lost their housing
    3. Criminal/Grifter activity – choose a vagrant lifestyle to leech off the public, and frequently involved in petty crimes, making employment unlikely.
    4. Victim of circumstances – people, through no fault of their own (other than poor planning) have lost employment and housing
    5. Lifestyle choice – these people choose to live apart from the society, unlike #3, they do not seek grift or handouts but live independently and self-sufficiently.

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