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adidas Skateboarding Presents /// Spread Light, Leave No Trace


skateboarding , adidas Skateboarding Presents /// Spread Light, Leave No Trace , , 7r76TK8G_lI , , , 13652 , 5.00 , “Spread Light, Leave No Trace” is a mini documentary following Paradigm founder Theo Constantinou with close friend Mark Suciu, who was recently crowned Thrasher Magazine’s 2021 Skater of the Year, in this digital short revealing an intimate glimpse into the making of the “Life Before” campaign book.

“Spread Light, Leave No Trace” delves into the concepts of sustainability through the lens of skateboarding, art, culture and community, while capturing Constantinou and Suciu’s affinity for books and literature as critical mediums of expression and knowledge sharing. Featuring collaborators Marie Tomanova, NYC-based visual artist, Ramadiz, hip-hop recording artist and Anthony Jamari Thomas, director and photographer, the video highlights their diverse perspectives across their creative disciplines and artistic interpretation on conservation and climate change.

Filmed & edited by Chris Mulhern

Official website:
Click here for “Life Before” book: , 1639761268 , 2021-12-17 09:14:28 , 00:04:01 , UC_vnbJd-LK56hgU-L57536w , adidas Skateboarding , 461 , , [vid_tags] , , ,, #adidas #Skateboarding #Presents #Spread #Light #Leave #Trace

Date: January 14, 2023

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13 thoughts on “adidas Skateboarding Presents /// Spread Light, Leave No Trace

  1. When I started skateboarding I all ways went back to pick up a book, to read the History where Skateboarding came from, to understanding skateboarding too. Thank you Adidas skateboarding for this video Content.

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