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Adorable Ambush


Alyvia's driver escorts her to an undisclosed location, when she is suddenly confronted by a van full of armed men.

All shots of Alyvia standing were shot on either back roads or in her neighborhood at 10-30 mph… also for her tight shots… notice how you can't see the window… just a shaky camera? This cool new thing called movie magic 😉

For those of you on mobile devices- clickable after credit video links:
Diary of an ex Disney Employee:
AWESOME First Date Fight Scene:

Music provided by Harry Gettings:
Harry's channel:

-Alyvia –
-Scooter Magruder ~ Diamond thief front passenger //
-Tpindell ~ Diamond thief backseat passenger //
-Alyvia's Driver ~ sWooZie //
-Van Driver // Bandit

-Polar White 2013 Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe // Bi-Xenon headlights // Vossen wheels VVSCV3 – Matte Black Machined 20x9F 20x10R // all suspension and body work done by Speed Zone in Kissimmee, FL:
-Black 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan // completely stock with a kind of broken door now 😉

Canon 7D // 55mm lens + wide angle lens
GoPro Hero 3

Final Cut Express

Special Thanks:
Ameer R. // Charlene T. // Omari S. // Kelli D. // Kalem D's jeep.

Edited/Written/Directed/Sound // sWooZie
Thanks for watching!


Date: September 21, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Adorable Ambush

  1. Stupid irresponsible and dumb!

    That little butter knife she was holding could still end her life if you lost control of the car for any reason.

    Risk your safety hanging out the side of a van, risk getting yourself out in jail or even shot, do t put children at risk.

  2. This life is very short test ⏳🌎..
    Plss do not die as none believer…
    I love adem,Gautama, Siva krisna,Moses,yesus, all 124,000 messengers of the One God/Allah..
    Plss.. react vid merciful:👇
    👉 What's purpose ur life✓
    👉 The throne of GOD✓ u all…good luck😔🌎⏳✨❤️

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