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affordable fall fashion 🍁 TRY ON *these are so good* my essentials, boots + outfit ideas!


amazon, forever 21 & others try on clothing haul & affordable fall fashion ideas! If you're new ➫ hit the πŸ”” & subscribe to be notified when I upload βœ–βœ– #amazonfashion #clothinghaul

β–Ό Amazon STOREFRONT (all my favs)β–Ό β†’

β—‡ waffle sweater in beige & khaki sz M
β—‡ white fleece jacket black buttons (color was beige even though looks white) sz S
β—‡ baseball hat
-ny hat mentioned
β—‡ faux leather leggings noli sz M
β—‡ colorfulkoala leggings 25” inseam (buttery soft style) sz S
– Fabletics leggings
β—‡ sweater with pocket (apricot sz M)
β—‡ jeans etica sz 28
β—‡ white beanie
β—‡ levis beanie
β—‡ nikes
β—‡ thickest slouchy sweater (off white sz M)
β—‡ fuzzy cardigan a-off white sz M
β—‡ winter coat Eddie baeur
β—‡ winter coat REI
β—‡ black skirt sz L
β—‡ black knee high boots (my exact ones are no longer made) similar: &
β—‡ tights with fleece on inside
β—‡ Sheertex tights $20 OFF
β—‡ f21 tan leather jacket (color: goat) sz S
β—‡ f21 boatneck top sz M
β—‡ f21 black shirt sz M (40% off!)
β—‡ camel knee high boots options & &
β—‡ f21 Lacey bra
β—‡ black yesstyle top sz M
β—‡ yesstlye chunky heel boots sz 34
β—‡ white cowgirl boots & &
β—‡ white fluffy jacket sz M white
β—‡ dr martins lace up sz 5 (on sale still!)
β—‡ dr martins fur lined sz 5
β—‡ cheaper amazon lace up boot option sz 5.5
β—‡ leather jacket primark sz s

β—‡ black purse with chain
β—‡ adidas bag or In stock here
β—‡ other black bag shown


βœ–οΈβœ–οΈ WHAT I'M WEARING / RANDOM THINGS βœ–οΈβœ–οΈ
β—‡ gold hoop earrings
β—‡ eyeshadow
β—‡ lips: sephora lip click creme brulee
β—‡ Nails: kiara sky that's my jam
β—‡ Clothing rental: fashion pass $15 OFF TAYLOR30W

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Date: September 15, 2022

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45 thoughts on “affordable fall fashion 🍁 TRY ON *these are so good* my essentials, boots + outfit ideas!

  1. Duct tape around your feet where the Docs hit your feet the most (heel, top of the foot, sides of toes, etc.) makes breaking them in super easy! Just started breaking in my Docs today πŸ˜‚

  2. I love your style and find a lot of the things you recommend are really flattering on short or more petite bodies. Oh and that adidas bag you love and raved about is literally my dream bag for every day I freaking love it so much I don’t even wear other bags anymore. Please keep doing these seasonal style videos!

  3. I always can’t wait when you share fashion , because we have similar body styles. Omg I love everything!! The colors and styling are perfectly done!! Now can’t wait for that makeup look!! You look absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I would like to say that I appreciate that you haven't jumped on the ugly tiktok format bandwagon. A short here and there is okay, I can skip watching it, but I've been unsubscribing to everyone I'd been following for years who posts short after short after short. So I appreciate you and your channel for putting in a real effort and giving us full length, fun, interesting videos ❀

  5. It was 75Β° somewhere in San Diego in the last 3 weeks? I want to be where you were!! I live out here in East County, Lakeside to be exact, and it was 105Β° some days. My ma and pa live about 20 minutes away, up in Ramona. It was 115Β° a few times out there. Thank goodness it's cooling down!!! I love when I see a new upload from you. You're so beautiful. Love you!

  6. My best advice I can give you because I lived in New York all my life and the best boot you could get is a weather proof (rain, snow) boot, they will keep you warm and you can wear them in any kind of weather and of course comfort is important also.

  7. I loved all the white! Neutrals, baby πŸ–€ I have had a pair of Docs at all times for 30 years so I've broken in a few pairs. I find if you can wear them for a few hours every day with a pair of thick socks you can eliminate a lot of the painful blisters. However, they are not great in the snow. The soles just slide. Good luck choosing – you have some very cute options.

  8. I bought Manitobah Mukluks and I haven’t worn any other boots since the day I got them. So soft, lightweight and warm. Plus no laces and zippers. But a bit different esthetic than Doc Martens! I like the shiny patent Docs.

  9. Docs has a slip on Chelsea style boot with a heal. also i feel like breaking in docs is overrated (as in i don't wanna do it anymore). once i discovered that they have soft leather options, that's all i buy from them.

    EDIT: just saw that you bought the style i just mentioned lol recently, i go with Thursday Boots.

  10. Speaking of fashion, would you please consider making the black β€œHeck Yeah” tee with the red and yellow flowers available again? I love mine, and my In-law’s granite countertops put little holes where the button of my jeans touch them. πŸ₯Ί

  11. For boots, I'm a big fan of Eastland's Ida Chelsea Boot. It's really nice leather but not crazy expensive. I have 4 pairs now and wear them constantly in the cooler months and they've held up well. Wore them even in -15 Celsius and they did fine. They are similar to a Blundstone style boot. Also FYI Taylor, most of your description box content currently as the "strikethrough" setting over the writing.

  12. My daughter loves her doc Martins. She has 3 pairs. She puts kt tape on the back of her heel for the rubbing. She also has the fur lined ones (and sandals).

  13. Oh my god I love all of these outfits, thank you for all the inspo! I've been loving the fashion videos. I bought a pair of Docs six years ago and eventually gave up on breaking them in and they've been sitting in my closet ever since lol I haven't been able to get rid of them. This inspired me to give them another try, wish me and my feet luck πŸ₯΄

  14. I looove docs I live in northern Canada and the fur lined ones are awesome. I also wear my combat boots with my denim shorts and my leather shorts all the time it’s such a cute look

    Also those jeans look amazing on you! β™₯️

  15. I am a doc martens fanatic and totally agree with your choices! Fur lined docs took no break in time for me and are so comfortable and warm! I sometimes even wear them without socks since they literally form to your foot. If you’re still looking for chunky lace up docs with no break in, I’d recommend the vegan leather jadons. They have a side zip and the vegan leather is not stiff at all – took no time to break in again for me, as opposed to leather ones. But Jadons are heavy. I think the Chelsea boot ones you got are perfect though!! I’d return the other ones

  16. If you use mink oil on your Dr. Martens they will be waterproof. I have worn mine in snow several times. I gas my first pair eight hole for 15 yrs. I have a total of eight pais, different styles. They are the best to walk in after breaking in, wear thick socks until then.

  17. I agree that you definitely need to brake in those shoes. I still have mine (similar style, different brand) that I wear every autumn and early spring. The thing is, I bought them in 2009. I oil them well, change insole regularly, etc. That's quality of a shoe and I only now am thinking about changing the sole (the only part that began to show its age).

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