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After 2+ years LIVING in my PRIUS full-time, I finally got “THE KNOCK!” 🚨 in Oregon!


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Date: September 16, 2022

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39 thoughts on “After 2+ years LIVING in my PRIUS full-time, I finally got “THE KNOCK!” 🚨 in Oregon!

  1. Homeless? nope…you are on vacation! Homeless people got nothing to smile about, so you are a con-artist dear! I have been homeless and even stayed at State parks for awhile.
    Homeless people have given up hope, they get empty promises from greedy service providers who help nobody ( but themselves) and a corrupt local government who help
    nobody ( but themselves). Nikki you are running a scam show here! You suffer none of the health issues of the homeless and you have 100% self esteem, Nobody has ever
    judged you or even thought that you "look" homeless. Glad you found a public shower. Be happy in your future job and living in the suburbs !

  2. Wow, your're adventurous and beautiful! Thanks for sharing : ) Do you like music? I have a channel with me doing some acoustic covers; hope you check it out. Looking forward to checking out more of your content 😀

  3. Im in love with the whole concept! I have been since i was a child in the 80s. Paying taxes and not seeing the world sounded crazy to me. Working 60 hrs a week to “get by” is slavery! But this was unacceptable then!
    Glad to say im only about 1 or 2 steps behind. My daughter is still in high school so I keep a room close by, and I probably want to get a hybrid suv apposed to my 05 Avalon. Im 6’6, 300lbs, so I definitely need a little extra room. But my dog and I hike about 6days a month. (Overnighters)
    And yes I took enjoyed the Appalachian trail during the pandemic! Great stuff!

  4. Being from Oregon , Bend does have some amazing places to see, I love camping the wildlife you run across is an amazing adventure, just never leave food outside bears will sniff it out

  5. If Oregon is your home you very lucky. I'm from NYS and I spent almost two months in the Portland area in 06. I felll in love with Oregon. I sense bought an acre and a half down east of Klamath falls by Beatty Or.
    I want to move there with my x-spouse and live in our RV there with our six American Eskimo dogs. We're retired and finding work is not a problem for us
    If your ever in the area your welcome to dry camp with us off grid. It's by BLM land if wildness is your forta.💫

  6. Walmarts in Oregon had to change their overnight camping policy because of homeless people living there permanently. Oregon has a serious homeless problem especially in the Portland metro area.

  7. Miss delventhal someone is trying to use your photo and name is trying to scam your subscribers via telegram though comments, I hope you will do something so other people don’t fall for these tactics🫡.

  8. A happy video! I like your pup! Happy trails. I'm wondering about your confidence. Do you get the feeling that people look down on you because you're a van / auto dweller? Is it hard to keep your energy and confidence up? Maybe more people are becoming more accepting of this lifestyle? I went from trailer life to van life and your video … Prius life lol! … and you all look happy!

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