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All German #1s of the 80s/ Nr.1 Hits Deutschland 1980-1989


All songs that went to number one in Germany between 1980 and 1989.
Alle Nr.1 Hits in Deutschland zwischen 1980 und 1989.
Song snippets are kept short so that the video doesn't get blocked due to copyright infringement.


Date: September 18, 2022

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43 thoughts on “All German #1s of the 80s/ Nr.1 Hits Deutschland 1980-1989

  1. I feel and will feel happy for the German composers ,from electronic music ,synthpop,eurodance and rock…im not like you, but you are ment to lead this world to a better ,great place…but unfortunately the greed of others dont want you…and i feel glad, that you have picked different artists to sing the text of your beautiful rhythm…im saying this with meaning because, i have seen your mens,womans,teens,children's in google image, from Germany, Scandinavians to Baltics…very beautiful people, Angelic face , Masculine facial symmetry…beautiful hair models, dark clothes ect…better these artists than beautiful people… i have heard about a disorder called Obsessive Love Disorder…and it is with facts. I never know this before… i learned it from an Swedish actor called Bjorn Andersen playing the movie Death in Venice…or read Chord Attachment parapsychology..

  2. The idea of pop charts always confused me. Songs don't get worse as they get old. If a song was great 4 years ago, it's still great. How is something new better just because it's new.

  3. Germans like either tecknopop and quite "industrial" style music (like Falco and many others), or terrible German "Schlager". Third option are too sweet popsongs for my taste. And they of course liked Sandra, the pop princess of Europ in the 80s. I'm german and we only have extremes. But they had a good variety in the charts at that time.

  4. in my opinion the best German pop band is modern talking, their songs are so legendary that they were 3 or 4 times in the top 1 of the German charts and in European and other countries.

  5. Lived in Germany in the 70's and grew to love the people there! Coming back to America after living there for almost 5 years was so so difficult! My German friends lived a life there and coming home all my old American friends just wanted to get stoned. I go back all the time and now my wife feels the same way after meeting my friends there.

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