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Amazon Summer Dress Try On Haul!


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Date: September 18, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Amazon Summer Dress Try On Haul!

  1. Both of my babies were very different. My daughter was born vaginally, very straight forward, cuddled a lot etc but as soon as she could move, she’s not been as attached, and is very independent. My little boy was born by C-section and has always been very very attached and cuddly. I think they just are different people xxx

  2. For the pan you just need to incorporate more oil! I'd recommend avocado oil! I use it with everythingggg. Coconut oil is a good choice as well. Also good idea is to l
    leave whatever your cooking on longer before trying to flip it, and maybe cook on a lower(low medium or medium) temp, slow and steady wins the race. It'll naturally release after a bit and it will be less likely to leave residue.

  3. Tortilla talk question: How do you divide your attention between the twins and Flynn, especially in the early days when the twins first went home? When the twins are fussy or needy, does Flynn understand that maybe both of you need to pay attention to them and so he may get less attention? How do you deal with his jealousy if any?

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