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America's hidden homeless: Surge in 'car sleepers' shows lack of affordable housing


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Poverty is on the rise in America and as more and more people are having trouble making ends meet, some of them have decided to give up one of their biggest living expenses: their homes. However, instead of sleeping in the streets, many of them are chosing to live in their cars.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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46 thoughts on “America's hidden homeless: Surge in 'car sleepers' shows lack of affordable housing

  1. Shame on the country where its people claim to be No.1 but many of its citizens sleep either on side-walks or in their cars. This is the richest country in the world where their government has enough money to help their fascist friends around the world and also spent it other part of the money for about 900 of its military bases around the world, at the same time none of the news media in this so-called free country ever mentions anything about such disasters of its own brain-washes citizens…. It is shame.

  2. There is no affordable housing. The hard-working construction labor force is heavily supplemented with undocumented immigrants. The USA is making it more difficult for these immigrants to enter the United States. Now, these people are homeless because there isn’t enough construction workers for building the housing needed for everybody.

  3. People who pay child support can't go to school. And then they are paying all they can to support their kids, and if the amount is too high, they can't get out of the hole. I know many people who are impoverished because of that. I wish things would change.

  4. What ! ? It's illegal to sleep in cars but the US government isn't doing much about lowering housing and rental accommodation. What are these people to do?? .They are between a rock and a hard place.

  5. i think until government give homeless people any other safe option to live, allowed them to live in thr car don't make it more difficult by making such law's that its illegal to live in a car… and those people who are living in car… i will say until you find better option modify your car for better lifestyle… just like Camper Van..
    government has to understand that its always better and safe to sleep in a car than sleeping on road…

  6. I've been doing it since February 2018 this year it's very hard. Circumstances leading to this was horrendous. I lived on Anna Maria Island in Florida had a beautiful home and a husband but I'm missing child and I had to find her and I did. She is now safe with her father and our relationship is over as husband and wife so I'm doing this as a way to save money and get a place to live. I am employed I work at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa Florida I love my job but nobody knows what I do when I leave. it's ironic that I make beds all day but I don't have one to sleep in

  7. Whats better, strong and powerful or higher standard of living? Instead of making all those fancy weapons, and using up the populations wealth to do it, just make computer simulations and youtube videos of your big strong weapons like the Russians when they flex.

  8. US should make subsidized vehicles homes and parking available to its citizens. Block all muslim refugees /funds to muslin refugees. Wealthy Muslim countries shoul take care of their religious beliefs fall-out.

  9. dwellings come in all shapes and sizes…..we are stuck in the false perception that
    "home" must look like a room with four walls, a window, sink, stove, toilet and a roof….that is just one type of dwelling and folk need to except that other possibilities exist! myopic vision is harmful

  10. I'm sorry, but $2000 and can't afford housing? What? There's plenty of 1 bed 1 bath apartments for under 1,000, it's your choice to live in a major city or a different state with cheaper cost of living. You'd have the other 1,000 for food, utilities, and other expenses. Why are people stuck in CA? Just move somewhere else… and no, not NYC, Boston, etc but just research low cost of living areas. It's not rocket science… Also, I've had a personal friend living in CA, she rented out just a bedroom in someone's house for around $500, and was able to use the kitchen, shower, etc. This woman has options, even if she's stubborn and wants to live in CA.

  11. Capitalism gives private companies monopoly.
    Communism gives government companies monopoly.
    Right ideology is garbage. Left ideology is garbage.

    Example of capitalist monopoly.
    – Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, McDonalds, 7-Eleven.

    Example of Socialist communist monopoly
    – Venezuela

  12. She needs to rent a storage to store and rotate laundry where you visit each morning to get clean, drop off dirty, and then go to laundromat once a week. She should maybe considering driving to another state where she can rent an apartment for $600 to $800 a month to get by OK on $2000. Of course, she has to quit her job go get another one without a real address. And then if she had any black markets on rental history like not giving 30 days move out notice or breaking lease, she can't get nothing, but a $1800 a month motel. With the employment insecurity, low wages, and high cost of living, America is getting very difficult. It didn't used to be so bad…

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