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Asian Fashion Try-On Haul *Finding Clothes For My New Body *


Who’s ready for a new fashion try-on haul? 😁
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Short-Sleeve Floral Print Maxi Dress

Sleeveless Silky Blouse

Long-Sleeve Print A-Line Dress

Fray Hem Single-Breasted Tweed Jacket + Shorts

Black Spaghetti Strap Midi A-Line Dress

Washed Tapered Jeans

PARIS Pearly Letter T-Shirt

Sleeveless Double Breasted Mini Coat Dress

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Date: September 17, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Asian Fashion Try-On Haul *Finding Clothes For My New Body *

  1. The camel toe bit is because of the way the jeans have been cut. If you have a pair of jeans or trousers you really really like and they suffer this problem, take them to a tailor and they can slightly recut the crotch area which solves the problem. The second t-shirt you tried on, if you want the shoulders to be as structured as they are in the photo try tacking a pair of shoulder pads into the top or alternatively pin them to your bra strap (in fact this is probably what they did for the photo shoot). Hope this helps if you decide to keep the items. And the shorts and shirt combo, looked great on you and a tailor would probably be able to subtly alter the blouse/shirt so it fitted you in all the right places. The shorts were great on you, would look fabulous with the first cap sleeve top as well.

    Sorry, Youtube lost half my comment. You looked fabulous in both the black dress and the first cap sleeve top you tried on, they suited you down to the ground and both can be dressed up for going out but also dressed down for less formal occasions.

    Greetings from Ireland.

  2. Oh girl I feel you XD My son is 3 now but I'm still trying to figure out how I want to look like and feel pretty (it's way better nowadays) I had brestfeed him and yeah, leaking everywhere and too much boobs XD

  3. Неприятно это смотреть. Если вам не нравится, учитесь выбирать свой размер или заказывайте одежду индивидуально, у портнихи

  4. So the final dress is actual from a Vietnamese local brand name lanejt . Mass producers selling in taobao/Ali express/yesstyle probably use the picture and copy the design

  5. You are too funny😂I liked the black dress on you, also the long sleeve one, the white shorts and the silky shirt that at the beginning looked like a pillow case😉😂

  6. I think that white “can see your bellybutton” dress and the last one were both, unfortunately, knock offs of higher end designer dresses. The material looked substantially different on both, and they were obviously constructed differently. That black dress, tho, was gorgeous!

  7. actually really loved the floral dress on you! you can adjust the straps by knotting them in the back or sewing them if you can be arsed. the stomach fit isn’t a problem imo, i would view that as a dress you can comfortably eat in 😉 your bust suits this type of dresses a lot.

  8. You're so funny 🤣🤣 I have been replenishing my wardrobe too because I have gained a lot of weight. I totally get the jean comment because it always happens to me too! I get super conscious so my shirts are always tunic length to hide it 🤣🤣

  9. Wish you'll just donate to the viewers those dresses that you doesn't like. I like that seashell dress huhu it's elegant 🥹😍

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