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Asmongold Reacts to "Why I didn't quit" by PewDiePie


Asmongold Reacts to “Why I didn't quit” by PewDiePie
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Date: September 16, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Asmongold Reacts to "Why I didn't quit" by PewDiePie

  1. Everyones got the thing that makes them tick. I relate through science. If you read some of the papers that are published in Science or Nature and try to rationalize the amount of work that go into their experiments, you’d think they’re insane. People just actually like doing stuff.

  2. I had free money to go to an instate school in the early 90s which would be about 10% of the money required to attend university these days. School is a place to fuck off a little bit longer in life until you are put in the place to sustain yourself. You're not meant to be anything. Life just puts you there where you're needed at the time. Consciousness is wild AF.

  3. Basically Pewdiepie technically retired but not. Right now he does youtube for the heck of it not for the money anymore. He already lived the youtube dream. Grind his ass off for more than a decade and retire early.

  4. I truly love how pewds has evolved. Couldn't have asked for a better career. Youtube would definitely feel different without even though I don't watch as much. Long live the king.

  5. Pewdiepie says he desperately wanted his youtube to be successful so he could do it as a job, 5 mins later he says he only ever did it for fun and didn't care about success.

  6. I remember this guy. He had his own southpark episode. Wasn't just a little cameo either, he got more screen time than any celebrity I've ever seen on the show. Matt and Trey were obviously big fans of his.

  7. I think what attracts people is when the streamer be it pewdiepie or Asmo or whomever, is doing something they love and can be authentic about it. Nobody wants to watch someone having a miserable time doing something they clearly are not enjoying because it gets views/whatever. When you're authentic, that glow/appeal attracts people like crazy and they have fun because the streamer is having fun.

  8. People get bored when they retire, almost like they don’t have a sense of purpose/responsibilities anymore. I doubt he’ll quit, but if it’s something he enjoys then more power to him.

  9. OG YTubers and many others realizing chasing the algorithm is soulless.

    They are not quitting making content. They are quitting following trends and appealing to the algorithm. Making content they want to make when they want to make it. You know, like YT used to be.

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