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ASMR Eating The Spiciest Silvi Kimchi | John Dee


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Hi everyone! In today's video the food is Korea's spiciest silvi kimchi mukbang. Enjoy watching!

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Date: September 17, 2022

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27 thoughts on “ASMR Eating The Spiciest Silvi Kimchi | John Dee

  1. Una vez comí kimchi 🇰🇷🍯🌿, le confieso que soy mexicana bueno, el caso que probé el kimchi🇰🇷🍯🌿, y ufff 😌, no picaba 😐, neta me comí un bote de kimchi🇰🇷🍯🌿 y no picaba 🧐, bueno 😇 saludos 👋 de México 🇲🇽

  2. No offense to the Koreans who live here. But sometimes I love kimchi. Some kimchi producers make their kimchi less stinky. I hate kimchi that smells like it's not edible. I can't forget that a friend of mine shared her mother's kimchi recipe with me. And at first I said I don't like smelly kimchi. But her mom said, "I don't have to be worried about the smell." Because her recipe is not like the other kimchi makers who make their kimchi so smelly. So I followed it and I didn't regret it. On that day, I didn't buy any more; instead I made them on my own. But sometimes I ask my friend's mom if I want to make it more spicy, will it affect the smell? She said no. You will smell the spice. I love kimchi. But not those who smell really bad (not spoiled) to the point where you can't eat it because of the smell.

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