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AWESOME TEMU ITEMS YOU are Going to Want to SEE | Ginormous TEMU Haul for 2023


TEMU , AWESOME TEMU ITEMS YOU are Going to Want to SEE | Ginormous TEMU Haul for 2023 , , y4bpB8ywkRU , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4bpB8ywkRU , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/y4bpB8ywkRU/hqdefault.jpg , 8343 , 5.00 , We have done it again and bought some awesome TEMU items to show you and as always just ask for the link ad I'll get it to you.
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Date: May 7, 2023

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44 thoughts on “AWESOME TEMU ITEMS YOU are Going to Want to SEE | Ginormous TEMU Haul for 2023

  1. I promise you will want more of those hanger extenders They're not only good space-savers, they're great for keeping pieces you always wear as a single outfit together. Actually, they're a little like the hangers themselves: you always need at least twice as many as you think you will! Ask me how I know. 😆

  2. Hey Ts! Great haul, love seeing you two together doing these videos! Love you alone too Tonya but hubby with ya is fun too! LOVE the coffee cup…they have several of those 'saying' in cups and t-shirts….omg some of them would be so great to wear around work (if they were allowed) sometime! This world is full of …well lets just say, not the best people! Love you two…hugs from Maine!

  3. Let's see, you like the military and you buy religious things but also buy offensive things. You've got to be Trump supporters 😂
    Your subscribers are right you do talk too much. Even more annoying you repeat yourself a LOT and talk right over your husband even when he's in the middle of a sentence. It's professional to try to please your viewers but you're completely unapologetic.

  4. Greatest haul I’ve seen for quite awhile you guys are funny love the apple puppy paws watch band till next time
    Lovenhugz from the capital city of Illinois ❤😂that cranky ole unicorn!🎉🎉🎉😅

  5. I freakin live for Temu Tuesdays!!! I listen to music while I’m in the shower too (well I stream it all day) but while I’m in the shower it needs to blare so loud lol put your phone inside a cup and it will be super loud 😍 your friend is so lucky to have you. You’re so sweet and thoughtful! Her goodie box is gonna be the bestttt!! You and hubby rock! Thanks for putting these out there! I really enjoy these! Especially when y’all team up and do it together ❤❤

  6. Please don't put items into your mouth to open them. Use scissors if needed. These items come from other countries and are in warehouses and trucks. They are full of germs and bacteria. Please stay safe and do not use your teeth. I love shopping from TEMU. It's addictive!

  7. I'm enjoying your videos and the both of you. I'm not from the south, from California. I'm 73 so dont laugh, I'm not up on all the horror stuff. I thought it was the Friends from tv show!😅 It was nice to see a little Mississippi while you were out and about since I've never been there.Cant wait for your next haul! I've been ordering from Temu since February! Can't seem to stop but I've got some great stuff!

  8. What was the PRICE of the clock speaker? 😫🤷‍♀️
    ***My biggest problem with Temu tshirts is it's SO DIFFICULT to find em actually MADE OF TSHIRT FABRIC NOT THAT SHINY NYLON CRAP!!! 😫

  9. I like your Dog space shirt I have 2 cat space shirt. The only reason I don't have the dog one we didn't have any dogs at the time because our one dog passed away and husband said he did want another one then many year later I had a friend who was Fostering a 10 month pup we ended up taking her in & she became our best friend…then about 2 year ago I came home with another puppy 😂 love my 🐶🐕

  10. I got my daughter and my best friend's daughter bucket hats with a mushroom and a frog. They were so happy. I didn't see that bucket hat. May have to look for it.

  11. I’ve bought my husband a few coins off Temu and he loves them. We couldn’t believe the price and the quality of them! I enjoy watching you both, such a good team and you guys always make lol 😂. Thank you for sharing your haul. Keep them coming!😊😊 I’m currently waiting on my 9th and 10th Temu orders. I’ve done hauls on all of mine so far too. Every time I see an orange package at my door, it’s like Christmas in a bag! 🤣🎄Have a blessed day.❤️😊🌻

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