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Battle over people living in their cars in San Diego


Some San Diego residents are worried about people living in their cars and disturbing neighborhoods, after a ban on living in cars was overturned.


Date: September 16, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Battle over people living in their cars in San Diego

  1. Welcome to America people If any breaks any law while camping then I would call the police of them. But I was raised in San Diego. And there are bad people running around, But most of those people are in the trees not in there cars and vans. and when they come out mostly at night. That's when they are breaking laws and rules. The street is free, just like the side walks. I pay taxes so that means that's my street and side walk weather I'm owning a home or saving my money for something and living on my bicycle trailer. Please understand that I want to do this because its fun to travel around. And not have to ride 20 miles back just to sleep in one bed. And don't worry I will be your eye's for you guy's on the off hours that my sleeping arrangement allows me too. I don't do drugs or drink. I do sunsets, and maybe you should just get them to give low jobs in down town like street cleaning. But ran like labor halls. then if every city had that we could get what we need to get. like I don't know money for rent… The only difference in your house and my bike trailer is mine rolls and I only paid taxes once. Good luck buying dinner tonight, just another way to screw all the rich so they have no one to rent there homes, apartments and or land. that your bad, maybe you should lower rent prices other then worrying about the one's hurt by the prices. Welcome to free America.

  2. All people that live in their vehicles have to protest and make things known about sandiego #1) the city went on a campaign to take away peoples vehicles from them to rid the mission bay area of homeless people by taking away their only means of shelter and ability to be safely locked inside their vehicles at night. Police roll up without any regards for the peoples safety taking their vehicles to leave them vulnerable in the street with no where to be warm and safe except possibly a bush. Aside of the fact that this is cruel and inhumane . Most of those that arebin their vehicles are mostly made up of senior citizens who simply can not afford elaborate rents. Most are handicap and homeless trying to maintain some form of dignity amongst society while they get constantly bashed by the general public the rich have it down to a science where every evening homeless get chassed arround till 3 am everynight like its a newly allocated hobby to chase homeless seniors with handicaps for the rich to police the police to run and do because they say they pay taxes. Well what about those who just happen to be in their vehicles not trying to committ crime? Who did pay taxes all their lives as well? This is not supposed to be a god given right to offend, threaten, abuse, take from , or disrespect someone who simply has less then you. Because then your profiling people who are simply poor in order to anileate them from the face of the planet. Why ? Because the rich tell you to do it? That makes it right? What if i told you that those misserable bastards that live on the hill are just using the police to take peoples cars so that you leave people vulnerable to becoming fresh kill for organ harvesting and that these supposed to be rich bastards are no better than those people they keep calling the police on. They are just tired of having to buy their own bag of dope to smoke so they acr as spotters for the human organ harvestors and get their victim totally vulnerable for fresh kill and once the harvestors have their victims they give kick backs from the cartels in the form of dope.if i had a home on the hill i would be asking my guests how do you like your steak? Or can i get you a cold drink? Not staying up all night with binoculars getting crazy over homeless people. Thats suspect in and of itself if you ask me? And one worse why is it that 10 people have died as a dirrect result of going into the water in mission bay with an open cut and the toxic molecules that are coming up from the former garbage dump ( which is now cooking and letting off goxic gasses into the water and atmosphere) how come theres absolutely no public safety service announcements , which are required to be as a matter of law to allow the public to know of dangerous things arround them? Here these people went into the water with an open cut or wound and the toxins got into their bloodstream and killed them. Is it because rich people dont want to risk tourism loss ?(money?) Or that homes may not sell or rents may become reasonable? Why?

  3. The views, sunsets, fresh air is for people who broke their ass paying taxes while working to enjoy. Who wants to look out their beach front house and see a motorhome parked while dumping drug paraphernalia and feces on the street ? Stop putting entitlement in the taxpayers face ! Go to work, pay taxes for years and mabey then you can bitch about where you can park your destitute vehicle !

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