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Biden administration forced to turn over Big Tech emails in collusion lawsuit


FOX Business' Dagen McDowell, ‘Fox & Friends First' co-host Todd Piro and Belpointe chief strategist David Nelson discuss the Biden administration's communications with Big Tech and the impact of Section 230 on social media companies.

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Date: September 17, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Biden administration forced to turn over Big Tech emails in collusion lawsuit

  1. Nothing will be done. This administration is the most corrupt ever and they do it in the open much of the time. They have put themselves in front of the law and brag about it. Disgusting people

  2. Dear Press Secretary, A liar's face you have, and you will pay for the lies you have told, and continue to tell. It's a long road to the light of truth, and we continue on it until the end in which you will regret along with the rest of the liars, and hypocrites for what you have done to this great country. A wonderful day it will be when you are all GONE!
    God Bless America….God's Country!

  3. From what I understand that any corpse who is contracted by the federal government then that corpse becomes an agent or branch of that government therefore they have to abide by the constitution and they cannot close their doors to the public because they are more than likely accepting public funds !!! So what are we doing? Shouldn't there be backlash for treating the public that way ? Are we not all Americans? Are our freedoms being obscured? Can we recoup from the actions of this administration maybe we should audit those agents who censored us!!!! After all they are getting public funds even if they are comercial

  4. “Factual” “science based information”…. The CDC, FDA, and NIH has done the opposite of science… look at the mask data, look at the “vaccine” data, look at the social distancing/ lockdown data. The Covid response was a disaster and has long term consequences will linger for years and possibly lifetimes for come.The DOJ need to investigate and possibly incite. This Covid response makes the flint Michigan water crisis look like a joke in comparison.

  5. I don't understand why America continues to allow such idiot's as ALL Democrats to run/ruin our country,
    It's very obvious that each and every single Democrat is a brainless idiot.

  6. Independent of White House collusion, due to Project Mockingbird where the CIA is embedded at every news agency and tech company, there is little chance that anti-One World Government topics will be shown the light of day. Our news sources have been corrupted since 1950. They would have suppressed any news that went against their establishment cronies. That is why it's called a swamp.

  7. Corporations and organizations are not entities which have Constitutional protection! They are not people. Even though those places are occupied by people those people already have Constitutional protection. Corprations and organizations are restricted and protected by laws and regulations under the Commerce Commission. They do NOT have individual rights and do NOT have authority to issue demands on their employees or restrict peoples rights.

  8. What needs to be investigated is the Millions of $$$$ Physicians who made Covid Vaccine policy, getting from the Big Pharma companies that produced the Vaccines !

  9. There is no longer a Dept. Of Justice. It's all blended together with Corporations, banks, 3 letter agencies , foundations and half the Military and whatever else I left out. Wef., cdc, who. It's all working together around the world . What's that bring to mind?

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