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Bill Barr on Trump: A 'RINO' to him is anyone who disagrees with 2020 outcome


Former Attorney General Bill Barr and author of ‘One Damn Thing After Another' joins Martha MacCallum in-studio to give detailed analysis of the current state of the Trump raid ‘special master' ruling on ‘The Story.'

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Date: September 18, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Bill Barr on Trump: A 'RINO' to him is anyone who disagrees with 2020 outcome

  1. This shows you how fake fox news is bill barr Really? he's a deep state pawn. Never forgot fox called Arizona for Biden with like 60% of the vote counted. FOX FAKE NEWS 😒

  2. Establishment family, just look at his father, and so on … I briefly had hope for him, but he soon dispelled that with flip flopping over mail in ballot well documented problems shared before the election, but then doing a 180 after the election. Blatant. He's not fooling anyone.

  3. While he makes lots of sensible comments in this FUX NEWS segment, Bill Barr was no angel during the Trump administration. He bears lots of nasty stains from his own personal misdeeds as AG in the Trump administration. Shame on you, Bill Barr. He is nothing less than a disgruntled Trump crony. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY THIS MAN"S BOOK OF LIES.

  4. I am former service member, this is outrageous to know what I want through for operational security and see how wreckless trump has been- we depend on our allies trust to share intelligence and things like this severely undermine that trust that's been built over decades- long before trump came around- Hilary and her scandal was nowhere near as bad as this current trump situation and when caught, she didn't obstruct, willfully retain things, and lie under subpoena claiming she returned it all- all of these things trump has actually done himself over that past 18 months- and now a judge has placed trumps image over our nation's security interests- I can't believe what I'm seeing I really cant- I wish people understood how serious this really is- it truly does cost lives and disrespect those lost in previous conflicts to build unity an trust among our allies for intelligence sharing. If we dont treat this situation appropriately we will severely tarnish this trust level, I kid you not.

  5. Fox news likes to routinely leave out the subpoena from the 18 month timeline they show of the government trying to get this classified material back- the fact a subpoena was issued and trump lied on a legal document attesting to all classified material being returned from Mar a lago, which wasn't true- 100% justifies the DOJ search- once it's been confirmed that you know you were lied to what other choice do you have but to conduct a search and get out nation's secrets back? This is why fox news usually neglects to show their viewers all the information, leaving out key facts like a subpoena that wasn't complied to makes it seem more questionable to their viewers and therefore more likely to continue to blindly support trump- this is outrageous to let a 4 year term president be so wreckless with classified information- its 100x worse than the Hilary situation- yet some Republicans still chant lock her up clueless that would mean in trumps case with obstruction, willfull retention, and lying on subpoenas- something Hilary did not do by the way- that trump needs to be locked up as well- it's that type of blind arrogance that must stop- pure idocy to chant that when trump is facing what he is currently thats so much worse than the Hilary scandal- we need to be concerned about whether our allies will ever trust us to share intelligence again- something not enough people are worried about- our nation built up our allies and trust over decades with countless wars and many deaths – this is absolutely unacceptable to tarnish this trust and have certain congressman act like its not a big deal, further undermining this trust- we have to act responsible and hold trump accountable to regain any remaining trust- its the only way

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