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BREAKING: R Kelly convicted on child pornography charges | LiveNOW from FOX


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Date: September 17, 2022

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19 thoughts on “BREAKING: R Kelly convicted on child pornography charges | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. All new people who come across the Southern border will be sent to DC, Chicago, Martha's Vineyard and Memphis, thanks to border Czar Harris. They do not exist until they are sent to your sanctuary, loving arms. And you are going to handle it. That is your responsibility. Is that clear to you baby killers?

  2. We’re did all the Kelly bloggers go sense this Chicago conviction. Nothing but silence from the R Kelly supporters and bloggers. 9 hours to convict in New York and 11 hours in Chicago. With Minnesota up next and another conversion and another 30 years

  3. While most of the Republican Party objected to the stimulus checks provided for Americans, President Biden was looking at solutions to the tragedy at hand. The American people were called Lazy…

  4. When we had over 2 years of a virulent country, piles of dead people, economy frozen, actually we're doing pretty good. The President has done everything possible to take care of the people He leads

  5. Here is the problem yall are the ones causing all of this. You cant texas to keep footing the bill for 4 times as many people yall are getting. The people coming accros the border are law breakers as soon as the step foot here.

  6. All the Democrats Representatives are liars, they are telling opposite stories from what I hear from the Republicans mouths, when the Democrats stand there and tells me what the Republicans say, why don't they use sound bytes like the Republicans do so people can hear the truth?

  7. Harris doesn't no anything about helping poor..go to Miss. or Flint Michigan they are like 3rd world countries& Biiden electricity power grid was being turned off all over 2weeks ago& you changing station BIG LIE CAN'T SUPPORT CURRENT ELECTRICITY

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