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Bret Baier reviews Trump search warrant items


‘Special Report' anchor reviews the Trump search warrant on ‘America Reports.' #foxnews #americareports

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Date: September 18, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Bret Baier reviews Trump search warrant items

  1. Mr Baier, How many hours would it take to clear 30 million Obama pages?
    The office of Records could have NO WAY have done this in under 52 years, unless you put them through a shredder.
    Your just another liar, you don't know what your talking about, JUST SPREADING MORE FAKE NEWS, 52 YEARS and that's with 200 people working 8 hours daily.

  2. Prosecute Don the Con to the fullest. Republicans really want another 4 years of this in 2024? Ok we’ll oppose him with more new formed committees, investigations, more arrests/convictions of his cronies

  3. Quick question.. About the photo showing the documents on the floor. Is tRump so stupid that he has no idea what an evidence photo is? (Note the 2A placard in the photo) or does he just think all his supporters are that stupid? They don't need to do anything to make him look bad, he does fine all on his own.

  4. No! the most damning is all the files that the FBI found marked classified and was empty. Why were they empty? That's the question folks need to be asking. In addition to where are those missing classified documents?

  5. brett “Jack A$$” barf wishes he was there to likely make love to and interview Brandon and Brandon, Jr. I hope brett, the ultra front stabbing lib, does not comment on any of the upcoming November elections and definitely not the 2024 Presidential election. brett needs to leave fox to join cnn+ as soon as possible.

  6. Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock up the traitor Trump and hold him and Fox News accountable for the violence and deaths on January 6! Fox News is the mouthpiece of fascism in the USA! Don't let them get away with it!

  7. Can’t wait to watch all you Fux cockroaches scatter when Dominion destroys your fascist propaganda channel and your fascist propagandists. Murdoch will pay and so will you parasites.

  8. Do you think Biden will say Russia if your listening find the Top Secret doucments of Donald Trump? I can tell you this the TOP Secret doucments will show up on foreign news first before Fox

  9. Please send this loose cannon on deck to the pokey. OK? Tramp does not deserve the kid glove treatment anymore – he acts like a high school student who needs to be expelled but Mommy and Daddy will donate a new gymnasium to bail him out – so he forgets which lie he says and when. He cares not for America. its people, Democracy – Nada. He only likes money and himself and not in that order. Reading the affidavit says the whole story – redacted or not. He makes up anything that comes to mind to get in front if the story and if uneducated Americans swallow it hook, line and sinker – too bad for them.

  10. Baier should be fired!! He lied about “ spying in the White House” and Baier ‘s outrageous Arrogant interview of Kari Lake and a bogus allegation – yeah and Lake wins every county in her primary !! Now giving misleading information re Raid. Fire Baier !!

  11. Redacted for Coverup

    1. The released "Affidavit" is all Black (REDACTED). Only think you can understand is that it is redacted to cover Joe Biden DoJ political misadventure.

    2. What DoJ did is remained in conformity with the order by the Judge by releasing the documemts. You don't do a wide and broad sprectrum of investigation hoping that the fishing net will catch some fish, other than a well focuaed investigation. Now that suggests that the investigation is on going, it appears to me that it is another attempt to buy insurance policy and speaking of witness, there is a federal witness protection act. So spare me from this BS. Furthermore, they are suggesting there are "so many witnesses". Common now.

  12. I didn’t take the documents, but if I did take the documents, they weren’t classified, and if they were classified, then they were planted, and if they weren’t, I declassified them, and if I didn’t, then it’s a hoax. If it is not a hoax, Obama did it.

  13. 300 classified documents brought home by a deranged psychopathic criminal narcissist. Trump is a menace to the world and everyone in it. His time is coming due.

  14. In this nation of law and order, all those who break the laws and disrupt the order will be incarcerated. Don Tha John is not above the law. Federal penitentiary…the future Mar-A-Lardo.

  15. Did Trump make America great again???.
    Uh Oh Fox Trump Babysitters
    The Fox Trump pet's
    Did Trump make America great again???
    Lock Trump up Accountability Accountability 🔐🔐🔒🔐🔒 lock them all up
    Trump is a disease to America.
    These two enablers are need to
    stop the lies trying to cover up with dis information, this is deplorable and sad.
    Lock Trump up Accountability Accountability 🔐🔒🔐🔒🔐🔒 lock them all up.
    Praying for American Government.

  16. was any classified documents at Mar-a-lago safe, when Yujing Zhang a Chinese woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago had multiple USB drives, hidden camera detector two passports and a flash drive containing malware. charged with making false statements to federal agents and illegally entering a restricted area

  17. The end is near… You can almost feel the fear within the republican party growing everyday. Hell, even Mitch McConnell understands that the GOP is going to lose "bigly" in the midterms, when they should have won in a landslide…"candidate quality". Yup.

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