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British Doctor Reacts to House MD: Teen Lies to Hide Dark Secret S5E8


mesothelioma symptoms , British Doctor Reacts to House MD: Teen Lies to Hide Dark Secret S5E8 , , gZ2no7uiLD4 , , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/gZ2no7uiLD4/hqdefault.jpg , 1226 , 5.00 , 1 Episode, 2 Cases, double the epicness with this Doctor Reacts to House MD Episode. A girl is broken off from her parents as Foreman tries to break free from House’s team.

In this doctor reacts to House MD Emancipation (Season 5 Episode 8) episode I discuss:
Chest Pain in Children
Factory Poisoning
African Sleeping Sickness
Iron Overdose
Multivitamin Components
Shockable and non-shockable rhythms
Cardiac Arrest
and much more!

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Date: May 8, 2023

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10 thoughts on “British Doctor Reacts to House MD: Teen Lies to Hide Dark Secret S5E8

  1. My eldest son had a Niacin overdose from children multi-vitamins and now has difficulty feeling cold (air and water). He walks around in Canadian winters with what we would call a spring coat. It is a bit dangerous since he can't feel when he is in temps that can be dangerous.

  2. 20:30 I was literally eating that (Feijoada) while I was watching the video, how ironic xD
    First of all, I didn't suggest this episode, but it's all right, this episode is really good, another double case, and we all enjoy that.
    The 5th season is the most extreme with diagnosis (episode 2 is pure crazy juice and I don't know how to feel about that one), so you deserve to take the win getting the diagnosis right, House also finds in the last second, so why would you not? hehe
    Based on another review, the patient B must have some metabolism problems, we have some zebras in the show that talks about this similar thing, but it's somehow not applied to this case.

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