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California's obsession with this is crippling the state: Environmentalist


Environmental Progress founder and author Michael Shellenberger says California is trying to run the fifth-largest economy in the world on ‘pre-industrial energy technologies' on ‘One Nation.'
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Date: September 17, 2022

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50 thoughts on “California's obsession with this is crippling the state: Environmentalist

  1. They scream the loudest and they are BY FAR the worst at power efficiency. Could you imagine CA being ran by conservatives? If they knew what they were voting for, it would be a RED state.

  2. We can only water our dead lawns once a week. They actually hired water police to take pictures at night of people watering other than Sundays to send them a citation. No electricity, no water. Come on Man!!!

  3. So how much fossil fuel is it taking for a thousand fire trucks to fill up each day to drive 60 miles from a base camp to fight fire when a base camp could have been much closer??
    For the mosquito fire in Foresthill area they could have done a camp in auburn as opposed to Roseville. That’s democrat run agencies using the old noggin’ again!! Way to conserve but use paper straws and eat crickets!!

  4. California blue city voters kept this idiot in office and the rest of the legislature. California deserves what they voted for but it is a shame that many people who are against the blue policies have to suffer. I'm sure those that can afford it will move to another state but there are others that will remain trapped as the state continues to collapse. We are at a point where you could vote in an entire conservative and independent legislative body in CA and it would take decades to undo the damage done. The same holds true for cities like LA and San Francisco. Sadly, these people keep voting the same people in off the promise of free money as taxes go even higher.

  5. My apartment doesn’t even provide air conditioning. It was 107° for over a week in a row. There was no way I was turning off my fan for one moment. It was the only way I could keep from fainting…

  6. The Public Employee Unions are to blame. They support the DNC …who in turn gives them better benefits and raises. The state won't be fixed until the GOP files a lawsuit which breaks up. what in effect, has become an Oligarchy.

  7. Im sorry but I don't feel for the people in California who voted for these Dems. They got what they asked for and it's only gonna get worse. California use to be a beautiful state now take a look at it. just saying

  8. Brian we all know all California's are idiots I want to know why there are still people in prison from January 6th that are being held without charges and without bail that is a direct violation of the Constitution I don't care how you cut it up or word salad it

  9. I’m a Californian and we have great resources here. There are so many good people here who love, dirt bike’s, hot rods and hunting! NEWSOM is a young GREEN PLANET maniac who needs to read the scriptures! What’s going on here on earth is inevitable! I know that’s scary but it’s true!

  10. 900 mil.our government wants to go green they can't even let people run there a.c. when it's hot democrats are killing our country and making all kinds of money from there b.s. impeach them all f.j.b and all who follow him

  11. Boy, the branch doesn't fall far from the tree. Pelosi nephew FJB
    The way I understand it, the government in California is responsible for droughts by directing water in different ways?
    They also I don't know how to recycle solar panels!

  12. The power used to charge your electric car is 50 times what it takes to run your refrigerator. For a family with 2 electric cars, charging them for a year will cost 25 times the amount of running your refrigerator for a year. That’s the equivalent of having 25 refrigerators running in your house for a year. California can’t keep up with the current power demands without rolling blackouts, and telling people to stop charging their cars. How will anyone be able to afford their electric bill, and where will California get the electricity to handle the demand?

  13. This is what they get for ignoring us for years and years and years and years for a long time we've been telling them that they have to convert to clean energy they just ignore us and ignore us and ignore us and now that it's crucial and critical that we change now and now they want to whinge about what they're deprived of everything well I don't care what they're deprived of we have to get it done pukker up buttercup and shut up and get it done or you gonna get you a smack from mother nature

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