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Car Life – Trying my luck at the Walmart Parking Lot (a total fiasco!)


If you live in your car or go car camping, you've probably heard about Walmart parking lots. Walmart is known as a place that allows overnight car camping which is awesome! I typically park in residential neighborhoods or at hotel parking lots, but I decided to try my luck at Walmart.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Car Life – Trying my luck at the Walmart Parking Lot (a total fiasco!)

  1. If the Walmart is 24 hours and you’re just sleeping in your car, you’d probably be ok. Just park near other cars to blend in. Also consider hospital parking lots, many people sleep overnight who have family in the hospital and probably won’t be made to leave

  2. The first thing I did living in my car…went to the gym more frequently….. the Walmart parking lot I used was safe because at least 7 regulars dwelled at night… only if I had a better car… only if… yeah it depends on location…. Find the big trucks wherever they park, you can park…what Walmart was that dark?

  3. Also, know the statutes for the city/town/county/you are in. Some cities, like the one I live in, do not permit staying in your vehicle overnight or leaving your vehicle overnight in a parking lot. Therefore, overnight parking at the local Walmart has never been allowed. Other consideration might be that Walmart (or any other business) doesn't own the parking lot that their store utilizes and the lot owner's policy is to not permit overnight parking.
    I believe it has often been recommended on nomad channels that going into the store for a chat with the manager on duty to verify that parking is permitted is the best action to take before staying, even if you don't see signs prohibiting overnight parking.

  4. You should consider the darkest tint for your car windows and front windshield which can be legally darker than the sides and back. That will help with privacy and temperature control.

  5. You can thank inconsiderate car campers for Walmart stores across the country slowly changing their policy that allowed overnight camping.
    In my town car campers were sitting outside with camping chairs cooking meals,playing loud music,leaving their trash on the ground,not parking in parking spaces….and so much more.
    I was sick of seeing it and so was the rest of my community so yep…..many complaints were made and now there are signs up at ALL of my local Walmart locations. 🚫⛺️❌❌❌

  6. If you ever come to Orlando, the Walmart on Kirkman is awesome. There are certain lanes you can't park on but the outter lane not directly in front of Walmart, you're good. There is a security car that comes around all lanes all day and night but they don't bother you as long as you're not doing anything bad. They also make note of cars that never leave the spot, so if you're car is broken down, eventually it will get towed. I've been out there since May and there are tons of vanlifers/car campers/box truck dwellers out there! It's got a Planet fitness and Dollar tree along with so many other restaurants and stores! It's awesome!!!!!!

  7. It takes time and a process- to find a safe comfortable spot for a young female. I love your laid back spirit and positive attitude as you figure it all out. With time- you will have a system routine that works well for you

  8. I be praying for ppl that live in car , under bridge for God protection, guide and peace , Psalms 23, the Lord is my Sherperd ,, God bless y'all, 🫂

  9. i sleep around a lot .(car joke ) nevermind … But my windows are illegally tinted . Yes they might increase your chance of getting pulled over but …

    At night u can park without looking like a camper (which allows u to park in places that don't allow camping )
    My most important rule is …..DONT LOOK LIKE IM CAMPING

  10. Excited to start my journey in less than 2 months! I’m in Florida as well, luckily I can camp in my work parking lot though I don’t plan on staying there everyday..

  11. Shoot, I wish I could have done my overnight at Walmart here in MD. But I kept hearing this voice stating that the parking lot is videotaping. I went to a 7-11 parking lot.

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