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Car Tour- Day in the Life of an Ingenuis Car-Dweller


In today’s video we meet Linda who is living in her Acura car. It’s hard to believe that she can do it, but she takes us through a day in her life and shows us exactly how she does everything that she used to do in her house, she now does in her car. I think you’ll be dazzled by her organization and how thoughtfully she lives. It
So easy to think how sad her situation is, but she makes it very clear she doesn’t want or need anyone’s pity, her life is very good and she’s content with it.

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Date: September 15, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Car Tour- Day in the Life of an Ingenuis Car-Dweller

  1. I love this so much! You are completely free to live how you like and makes you happy!!! My question is do you have family and grandchildren? Do they visit you in your nest? If I didn't have a husband I would livento do the same thing. Except I would have to be in an RV with heat as I have colitis and don't do well with cold. May God bless you is my prayer for you.

  2. This woman appears to me to be the MOST organized, practical nomad I've seen. Many have more elaborate systems, major buildout, and clever contraptions. But hers looks like something literally anyone could do with just a few days time to get everything that stuff together.

    The one, no two, things she does that I, a man 6 feet tall and over 250lbs, can't do is, first and most obviously, the toilet. Second, is sleep in the front seat.

    Three things. I couldn't put in my pants on the front seat. I have trouble putting on pants while lying down in the back of my van.

    I've only slept occasionally in my car or van over the past few years. Unfortunately, I have YET to get a good night's sleep, or any sleep over four hours. I recently added a Tempur-pedic mattress topper on my van and it is wonderful! But I was still only able to get four hours sleep! That's a challenge.

  3. Always turn off your car whenever you're not in motion. If you are going to be running your car without moving, to use or charge your electrical appliances, make sure to buy a CO2 sensor and put in your car. Also have your car exhaust checked for leaks. CO2 is colorless, odorless and poisonous gas.

  4. Sleeping in your car seat, without fully stretching out you legs, puts you in danger of blood clot. Blood clots can be fatal if a portion of it breaks off and gets to your lungs or heart. It's safer to sleep in a hatchback car with an air mattress. This will allow you stretch out your legs to sleep.

  5. I will be starting my nomad life very soon. 2 weeks max. rent has gotten unsustainable, so I'm choosing to live out of my car with my cat who I've raised since he was 4 weeks old. I have it pretty much planned out, now I'm just donating furniture and prepping my car. I'm prolly going to stay within the state of Mass for now but maybe down the line venture further from home. it's going to be an adjustment but I'm excited for journey. my "why?" is to save money and enjoy a peaceful free life. a life I create.

  6. I'm homeless and in temporary shelter, at the end of February I have nowhere to go. So thus month I will be setting my Ford escape up to live out of. I'm terminal and can't work. I'm not looking forward to the cold.

  7. I was working in a city and stealth camping and sleeping in the driver's seat just like this. Most everything I owned was in storage (due to high crime and car break ins) and I could cook and shower at work.

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