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Cat TV for Cats to Watch 😺🐦 Garden birds, squirrels, sunflowers 🌻 8 Hours(4K HDR)


Birds in the fall. 8 hours of pleasing video for cats, dogs, parrots, or other nature lovers to enjoy. It can relax your kitten or puppy and minimize separation anxiety. If you work from home, this is your wildlife background show for a workday. Perfect background TV. 4K UHD TV screensaver. The nature sounds and bird songs are perfect as background music(BGM) or calming music for study or sleep.

Birds and squirrels in the video:
Golden-crowned Sparrow, Song Sparrow, House Finch, White-crowned Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco, Black-capped Chickadee, Spotted Towhee, Douglas Squirrel, and more.

Every cat deserves Birder King’s Cat TV.
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Date: September 17, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Cat TV for Cats to Watch 😺🐦 Garden birds, squirrels, sunflowers 🌻 8 Hours(4K HDR)

  1. I have 9 cats , I always play the videos on the living room screen when I have to get paper work done . Right away, they all responded very positive to this video. One walked into the room looking up thinking there's a real bird flying in the room. 3 walked into the living rooms the rest at watching from their beds. I will leave it on, for the remaining of the video and.see their reactions. It's nice to have this to stimulate what they hear in the background and look at the TV and see 🐦🐦🐦

  2. It’s highly amusing watching my cat sit and stare at the blank tv and wait for this to play! The moment it starts she starts making cute noises. Makes coming home from a long day fabulous

  3. My cat is obsessed with this video! She sits right under the TV and is extremely engaged, tilting her head with every movement of the birds. I’m glad she has entertainment. Thanks for posting!

  4. Im Already Loving The Sounds Of The Waterfall..That Wont Last Much Longer,Im In My Backyard Tonight😁Im Going To Be Shooting M15 Here In Just A Bit,Whiskers Says Thank You,God Bless,and Clear Skies❤️🙏🏻🌏🔭✨

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