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CEO of Lamborghini Let Me Rev His Car!

Date: September 17, 2022

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47 thoughts on “CEO of Lamborghini Let Me Rev His Car!

  1. Wish i had one like this seems spacious for family its not for 2 as i saw and with such a nice design… and nice mustard colour though i would prefer mine to be like veraman or pink deep dark pink and call it the pink thunder…

  2. I’ve honestly never met a bad car rep…bad dealers yes, but the people that actually rep the brands always seem to be well chosen. Cadillac guy that was in the test drives at the CAS was an absolute legend.

  3. That’s Wolfgang I’m guessing since Rimac partnered or bought Bugatti they let him go. Crazy well my love of Bugatti is over since their new version is but ugly and they plan on going electric. I despise electric cars they have ruined the great beauty of automobile life

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