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Clothing Try On Haul


Hi everyone I hope you enjoy todays video, I am also adding the links to the clothes below!
Black lace tank top:

Green longsleve button down:

White lace tank top:

Green unlined bra:


Red and white track pants:

Still here:
Black cargo pants:

Blue jeans:

Classic blue wash jeans:

Beige jeans:

Pac sun:
Teal pants:

Black/grey pants:

Beige cargo:

Black cargo pant:

Green pant suit set:

Shop cider
Black parachute pants:

Black skirt:

Blue parachute pants:

Gildan Sweatpants:

Black button down:

Crochet top:

Black scrunch top:

Black Tank top:

Black cut out long sleeve:

Brown tank top:

White top:

White corset top:


Date: September 16, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Clothing Try On Haul

  1. Hey Mia! I really like the work your putting out!

    I’m reaching out to you because I wanted to offer you to edit a couple of your YouTube videos for free. I believe I could give you a hand in your creator journey by editing your Youtube videos so that you would have more time for more creative tasks. Let me know what you think about! 🙂

    PS: I also dm you on IG, but I guess you get thousand of messages there!

  2. New Subbie
    God bless you N Your family
    I Wish you All the best
    Love that thumbNail Tho
    Road to 100k
    Everything Look Hella Cute asF On You
    Tbh I love all of them on u
    Body Looking Fuckn Gud💪
    Keep Up the great work
    Your Pretty Self
    Nice Cheeks Structure
    Happy Fabulous Weekend
    Stay Bless N Be safe always

  3. I think you should do a prank on Thomas, like in his most resent video he talked about the dream you had of him breaking up with you…so maybe make that into a prank! Or just any type of prank even on the whole house!

  4. hii i was wondering wat size you you got for the target because they are high rise and i want the fit how they fit u kinda low waist or like how many sizes did u size up from your original size

  5. hi mia babyyy! the confidence you have makes me so happy. i would never buy some of those shirts because i overthink too much but you remind me that as long as i love how it looks on me, it shouldn’t matter. keep killin it angel. 🤎

  6. when you get the black knit one with the wholes can you put it on your insta. also I love you Mia so much you seem so sweet and decated at what you do your a legit inspiration.

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