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CNN reporter raises 'legitimate questions' about Hunter Biden


Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses the backlash facing Sara Sidner after she said a Hunter Biden investigation shouldn't be a partisan issue. #FoxNews

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Date: September 17, 2022

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40 thoughts on “CNN reporter raises 'legitimate questions' about Hunter Biden

  1. Look, I'm going to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is going to hold allll politicians accountable for their evil greed. They will stand before God and the punishment is going to be brutal. No point in trying to get any justice for their evil Deeds but God is truly in control and He will deal with allll of them. My trust is in the Lord Jesus Christ because He is faithful and just…

  2. I’m increasingly shocked by how these corrupt and dirty politicians can keep parading around after their sexual and financial sins have been aired for all to see. Do they have no shame? If I knew hundreds of millions had seen my pictures with underage girls while smoking crack, I’d never show my face again. Unreal.

  3. It blows my mind that the bidens have business dealings with basically all of our country's major adversaries and people on the left just ignore it despite trying to send us to war with Russia only a few years ago

  4. Why doesn't fox and other right wing broadcast be reported about what Trump has done to this country how Trump us the military behind him even calling the left fascist or stealing classified documents and could have more stashed away or how he had Barr weponize the doj or all the court cases he is being investigated for

  5. How many years have you been going after this guy? No evidence of any wrongdoing.. nothing.. just conspiracies by conservative media. Trump even got impeached for his Zelensky call trying to force him to investigate Hunter.. stick to facts. You owe it to your viewers.

  6. That new guy at CNN doesn’t want to continue to fight msnbc cbs cnbc nbc and abc for a handful of viewers. He wants to go after the folks watching FOX. I’m a little surprised but that’s what I’d do.

  7. CNN trying to do a heel turn? Doing a Stone cold stunner to Hunter Biden. Or are they trying to cut ties before more things come to light after the whole laptop fiasco.

  8. We need to stop reporting and talking about this idiot as well as his father this two guys should go to jail also take his brother James and his wife as well and they were all in cahoots with all of this money put them all in jail and throw the key away

  9. Braking news ! Independent sources have revealed to Fox News that the president of Mexico is in talks with President trump for the final details of a deal for the government of Mexico to finally pay for the BORDER WALL !!!

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