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Coffin of Queen Elizabeth II travels to Westminster Hall


Watch as Her Majesty The Queen’s Coffin travels from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall on a gun carriage. #FoxNews

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Date: September 16, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Coffin of Queen Elizabeth II travels to Westminster Hall

  1. Queen Elizabeth the II.. will go down in history as Queen Elizabeth the great 👑…A Queen of England but a Queen of all faith's ethnicities and culture's… Thank you mam for everything ❤️

  2. Buckingham Palace reported that the Queen spent over 10 million pounds per year on servants and entertaining.
    While the UK gov’t told the British people there weren’t sufficient funds for the disabled, the elderly, health and education – taxpayer funding to the royal household one year was 202 MILLION pounds.
    Do your research people.
    Stop glorifying a family which has caused wars, anguish and harm globally through the centuries – and profited off the hard work and sacrifice of others.
    Really, wake up..

  3. A very different and sad world without our sweet Queen.😥. 🌹🌹🌹 God be with her soul and comfort those left behind. Until we meet again in the sweet by and by.

  4. Did she end world hunger? Did she put a dent in poverty and homelessness? Did she improve the lives of millions? Did she rescue orphans from war torn areas? Did she improve the lives of battered and abused women? Did she invent something that eased frustrations for the citizens of the world?

    Why are you still parading around her dead body?

  5. I wish the Queen could have outlived Charles , to stop him ever being named king .
    Best we can hope is that it will be a very short reign, and William will take over restore some credibility to the crown.

  6. I know that her Majesty was 96 years old but still hard to believe she has passed away for some reason
    God Bless Queen Elizabeth II
    As so many have said, and are saying, the British really know how to carry out the most incredible, beautiful ceremonies; I watch in amazement with the timing, the precision, every moment carried out so well. Those wonderful young men taking part and serving in the ceremonies are truly blessings
    May the Queen rest in peace, rise in glory and stay in the hearts and minds of us today and the generations to come
    Blessings to the people of the UK and the commonwealth
    God Save The King
    J – USA

  7. Loved by millions the mother of my country great Britain. A true lady of honour, service and dignity. You are loved and always will be in our countries heart. RIP our Queen xx

  8. Requesting help from Fox News:
    I am sure you are well aware of the war that is now going on in Europe, but you may not fully realize the impact of it not only on that continent as well as for the rest of the globe. Naturally, most of the media attention is on the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth. Yet, IMHO that is going to be just another excuse/diversion to not address various serious matters that are going on at a global scale.
    We are not seeing reporting in the US about it, but Europe is struggling with many serious problems which could only be potentially stopped by ending the Ukraine war. Yet there are no signs of this happening, leading many to predict an impending economic crash in Europe that will likely lead us into a global economic depression.
    Some powerful people in the world foresee this as an opportunity and are intending to take serious advantage of the subsequent consequences. Some people, myself included, do not expect those consequences to be in our favor in any way.
    Please research "Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano's" warning. There is a 13 minute video but I cannot share it on this platform. This information must be made known so people can prepare for what's coming.

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