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Could This Section Of The Constitution Keep Trump From A 2024 Bid? | The Mehdi Hasan Show


Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution disqualifies Americans from holding public office at any level if they’ve engaged in any effort to overthrow the U.S. government. That section was enforced just last week, removing a now-former New Mexico county commissioner, Cuoy Griffin, who participated in the insurrection. Could it also keep Donald Trump from a 2024 reelection bid? MSNBC columnists Dean Obeidallah and Charlie Sykes join Mehdi to discuss.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Could This Section Of The Constitution Keep Trump From A 2024 Bid? | The Mehdi Hasan Show

  1. What i find comfort in is the fact that even if somehow he is able to run in 2024, he stands ZERO chance of winning. American voters defeated him in a LANDSLIDE last time, we would just do it again. He has only been losing support, MAGA is fading, and now trump is a proven treasonist. Stealing classified documents, thats treason, all trumps opponent would have to do is keep bringing that up. Of course the best case scenario for this country is seeing donald trump sent to prison for his crimes. If he is not, then that sets a dangerous precedence for future presidents to do whatever they want, knowing they will get away with it.

  2. The republican party's agenda is any election they don't win is illegal and rigged. They are rigging every election for decades now that they are exposed.. the serious issue with this is nowadays only fools and Trumps minions are republican and the majority rule will never vote red ever again.

  3. Not only did Trump inspire the attack on the Capitol, he incited the mob, expressed his intent and desire to lead it, and recently offered pardons to participants. Pretty clear violations of the 14th Amendment. Now, how about other Republicans, those who provided encouragement, comfort, sympathy, aid, rationalized excuses, justifications, etc. Remove the lot, block them from ever holding any office again, and imprison or deport them.
    Let’s also reemphasize the law that requires all officials and government employees to pledge to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”. AND make it clear that, contrary to right wing propaganda, NOBODY has the right to overthrow the US government.

  4. We're supposed to make sure that no one tries to overthrow or destroy our Democracy. It doesn't matter who it is, Donald Trump or anyone else. Donald Trump, is a criminal and some of you seem to be afraid to report the truth. Trump doesn't deserve any loyalty.

  5. I’m honestly a little tired of hearing of all the ways that trump might/could possibly/maybe be blocked from running for or holding office. Obviously none of the ways are strong enough to do it, or it would have happened yet, or the decision makers are too afraid of… who even knows now… to make it happen.

  6. Wow, does this network report on ANYTHING other than the coordinated attacks on the Democrats political enemies? It’s 90%+ Trump stories with a small sprinkling of other topics to pretend it’s still a news broadcaster.
    Go to other outlets and this topic is less than 10% of content. There are other things happening in the world believe it or not.
    It seems to have an ideological obsession, it’s very clear this is not a news agency, it’s just a political propaganda wing pumping out partisan rhetoric on a single issue.

  7. Tucker He was found with evidence . Isn't it that you have to have Inevitable evidence to prove a person is guilty . Trump go caught red handed …. And yet the Judge is saying he can have someone look at the documents .

  8. Mehdi , I'm still scratching my head Trying to make sense of this all . It all seems like it's all a bad dream . I hope to wake up and find out it's all a dream , In fact I'm trying to make of sense of 9/11 I'm still thinking I woke up and it's a long dream .

  9. The problem between now and 100 years ago is that then people were by and large honest & even shady people had a code of conduct they didn't break & poor conduct was hard to wash off, now (to use an american term) it is the wild west frontier all over again where anything goes and the biggest gang with the most guns rules & stains are just part of the job just as long as you win. Maybe it is because l am getting old but the world seems to be going backwards but forwards, we should be moving to a time governed by logic & fairness in all our decisions & most importantly in government instead government is a clown show in most countries with decisions made for short term gain over long term benefit.

  10. Trump Ruined his own Bid for 2024 I don't understand why They stand by this guy He lost The popular vote in 2016 By almost 3 million he lost the popular vote by over double that In 2020 But somehow he's Turned this ship around With the s*** he's Done since

  11. Mehdi, thank you SO much for doing this story! I have seriously wondered why the 14th amendment hasn't been invoked, or even really discussed yet. Given the language as our forefathers wrote this amendment, this is the EXACT situation it should address…why-oh-why is everyone exempting him??

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