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Cure | Creating The Scariest Non-Horror Film


Remember the ‘ghost walk' scene of the Japanese horror film, Kairo, directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa? Well, here's a film from him that I think is his best, and the scariest, despite being closer to a mystery thriller than a straight up horror film: Cure.

Why is Cure so scary, and what is it that Kiyoshi Kurosawa does that makes all his films so uncomfortable and surreal? Let's take a look at his world building techniques and especially a particular scene from Cure that freaked me out more than I could handle the first time I watched it.


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0:00 Introduction
0:49 Kairo
1:04 Cure
2:01 Daytime Killing
2:21 Camera
2:37 Setting
3:30 Sound – Washing Machine
5:06 Sound – Birds
6:08 Silence
6:43 Beyond
8:12 The Scene
11:27 Hypnosis
12:39 Thank You


Date: September 16, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Cure | Creating The Scariest Non-Horror Film

  1. I highly recommend this movie. One of the best Psychological Thrillers/Horrors yet it is very underrated. U'll love this one if u've watched The Shining. Both are very creepy and u have no clue know why. This video was eerie in itself

  2. this was a great breakdown of all the elements that made a spooky setup. Have you watched Lake Mungo (2008) I think it is the best horror film in my opinion. Will love it if you give it a watch and make a video on it.

  3. Я увидел начало ролика, выключил сразу и решил посмотреть фильм. Спасибо. Люблю такие фильмы.

  4. Funnily enough, the scariest non-horror film I've ever seen is the sci-fi romantic drama Perfect Sense. Ewan McGregor and Eva Green play a couple who fall in love as the world is afflicted by an epidemic that slowly strips humanity away from the 5 senses one by one. We see mankind first not understanding, then trying to rationalize it and finally full on desperation with it's inevitable end and eventual fade into nothingness. And it treats it with a vision so scarily realistic and hopelessly doomed. It's an apocalyptic film, not with the threat of death, but with a threat of non-existence. You really get a sense that there is no stopping what's coming, the entire world will truly end and it got under my skin more times than a lot of horror films. The movie tackles existentialism, regret, loneliness and togetherness in a very raw and emotional way. It's a really really beautiful film about the human experience on life and what makes us who are is ultimately what we feel around us. I strongly recommend it.

  5. I never even heard about this movie before, and yet i was completely mesmerized by it, it isn't a horror movie, is something else entirely,, the only other movie that made me fell horror in such a complete and different manner than the usual, is also a completely different movie than this, i was actually horrifyed by CIty of God, not by the same reasons at all, but by be completely cauality and brutality of the setting, by the villain of the story and how casual and brutal he, i guess theres the peoples perspectives involved in this two movies, City of God is a brazilian movie, wich is quite the polar opposite of Cure that is Japanese movie
    City of God is noisy is gritty, and yet, the things that the villain do in the movie are shocking and in his own manner completely unexpected to the point of hypnotize you when he is on the screen, this movie gives me that same feeling that i see when i saw city of good, but inverted, and i didn't even watched the whole movie!

  6. This ia what I've been searching for, a true movie from a great channel. Thx brader. I just wonder maybe you can also give an insight from amovie entitled Gantz, a modern Japanese movie with bunch of symbolical meaning in it's plot.

  7. I feel like I am taking a master class of film-making and I'm not even slightly interestred in making a film, still I'm deeply drawn into the video and have learned a lot of things I never thought I would take insterests in. Thank you so much for broadening my horizon.

  8. But isn't this a horror film? I mean, just because it also has elements of other genres and it doesn't have jumpscares or spooky ghost that do spooky things…

  9. Love this – a director can really make a movie whatever genre they want it to be through their style, editing, and composition. Great piece man, keep em coming!

  10. Requires skills to induce a psychological thriller and scary experience on screen. Its a research so its not for money heads. God must be crazy movie bushman never got paid but claims of the huge payment! Ego Surrenders when it loses its grip and hope. They are ego heads.

    Someone decent should own such skills and make something independently is a wish. If your skills are good enough, not even AI 3D tech can beat it! The program of the story is progressive toward end with such depictions ( if coherent and natural) it can scare but what do you need it for? To make money? What a cruelty in disguise in the name entertainment? Cant you focus on entertainment is the purpose of movies yet quality of thought?

  11. What this movie failed to explain is how come Takabe is not hypnotised by Mamiya. Or the curiosity in Takabe to want to know Mamiya's secret. In that sense, the movie is not well thought out. Seems the director and writer had some inkling of how the story should go but not completely. That sequence of the nurse staring at the corridor and the approach of Takabe's wife in ghostly make-up also made no sense and has no connection. This movie starts off well but in the end is rather choppy.

  12. The creepiest and eerie movies I’ve ever seen have been Japanese –
    I lived in Kyoto for three years; right at the foot of the ancient eastern mountains.
    Three years in Japan and I’ve never felt safer around humans anywhere…
    However- I’ve never felt a preternatural vibe anywhere as much as well /
    There’s a ghost vibe in the hills …

  13. Woah at last someone insightful noticed this mesmerizing detective movie. This movie does have a perfect nihilistic antagonist thought. Kiyoshi really did a good job with those long wide shots.

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