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Dash Cam Catches Cop Losing Control


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Date: September 16, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Dash Cam Catches Cop Losing Control

  1. I don’t know. I would not give a B+ to a cop. B- or B. He had a chance to deescalate the situation but he chose not to. Now he has to do a paperwork… yeah, you were right, but was it worth it? You don’t want to turn this stops into a circus and a shitshow.

  2. "I will not tell you why I pulled you over"

    "Not getting my driver's license then"

    "Sir, stop being difficult"

    As if the officer isn't the one who was difficult first

  3. I have trouble understanding why cops will refuse to tell citizens why they have been stopped other than to invoke the "because I said so" doctrine. It seems that a significant number of encounters would be relatively benign if the cops would just explain why they have stopped a citizen, rather than withholding that information as a means of asserting their authority.

  4. I hate to say this but I believe that if the driver was black or brown and/or younger (better physical condition) he may have been shot.
    I don't like that an officer isn't required to tell the driver what he was being pulled over for. It's just about transparency and legitimacy.

  5. A cop has to have reasonable articulable suspicion to detain someone, and if that individual dispels their suspicion then the detention must end. How can they not be required to articulate their reasonable articulable suspicion? How can someone dispel their suspicion if they won't tell what their suspicion is?

  6. Audit the audit F-
    Officer: you either step out of the vehicle or give me your driver license?
    Driver:(under the threat) here is my brand new license
    The fucking officer that got the B+ right away decided to open the door and pull the driver out even though the driver was handing him the license.

    You defending the officer saying that he told the driver that he is under arrest! No he didn't, he said that after he opened the door of a vehicle he doesn't own , and started pulling and assaulting the driver.

    What about hitting his face with his elbow? Thats a B+? …..there a lot to say.

    Overall lucky for the officer that the driver was guilty, and i don't trust you either saying that the driver admitted his crime .

    Don't you think using an old case is totally wrong to make conclusion about another case? So if I am a judge and make a wrong interpretation about case , does that justice if i use that case to justify others?

  7. You guys in the comments are insane. The driver was a pompous douchebag from the very start, and the cop gave him ample time to comply. I urge each and every one of you to serve some time in the military or in law enforcement and then come back and judge this officer's behavior. Until then you have NO IDEA the ammount of stress these people face.

  8. While he (the driver) didn't comply with orders to exit the vehicle, it is clear he said what he said in an attempt to be open and honest. While it may be legal for an officer to withhold information, the officer is not morally justified to do so as he could have just told the driver as to not complicate things.
    It really seems like this officer has some sort of personal qualms with this individual's family and as a victim of such injustice, I have the experience to identify such things.

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