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Democrat mayors melt down over bussed migrants


‘The Big Saturday Show' panelists discuss the sanctuary city showdown as Texas, Arizona continue to bus migrants to Democrat-run cities.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Democrat mayors melt down over bussed migrants

  1. The one president did have things under control was Donald Trump at first I thought he was crazy wasting money wanted to waste money to build this wall up against Mexico to stop them from coming over here but to come and realize he wasn't crazy at all he was doing his job as a president now look at the chaos that the American people got to deal with

  2. Truth be told they're handling it quite well they're used to it we have immigrants every year this is a political stunt by the right to be ignored by anybody with any sense of morality and humanity

  3. How can it be a Joe Biden problem he didn’t spend Taxpayer money moving them from place to place so this political move is costing more and more money then The Republicans want to admit and that is a big reason why we are in A middle of an inflation.

  4. Why wasn't anyone was this concerned when 10,000 Ukrainians were processed in 2 days? Oh, they are white. Hopefully these idiots realize the bused migrants are free to travel anywhere in the US

  5. A local church group from here drove across the country and visited several border areas a few weeks ago. They were on local TV and said they were shocked , not at open borders, but military/ police run checkpoints and lots of sadness with worn out families with nothing left. Very sad. Also, these bus loads of immigrants are "legal" , as they have been processed and awaiting court dates. No matter how you view them, they have rights and can potentially take legal action against those using them as pawns. Class action suits against Florida /Texas sounds appropriate to give them some seed money for new life, as hardest working , most loyal citizens in US.

  6. There is a heavy price to pay for the illegal and uncontrolled flood of millions of migrants to the USA. Those who voted for this lawlessness must be the first to bear the consequences. A country without a border is not a country.

  7. ALL DemRATS who voted for Joey Diapers…this should make you so PROUD. You should all be ECSTATIC at your new illegal friends invading your neighborhoods. It's what you VOTED for, remember? Open borders!! Joey Diapers said he was opening the gates!! And you loved and craved it…all this diversity makes you STRONGER you said. WHY aren't every single one of you out there with your welcoming arms, taking in these folks and paying for them instead of using hardworking Americans tax money? Maybe next time you'll read the label before buying, RATS.

  8. Haven't heard from my son that lives in AZ and last call he was getting chased by ms-13 members and I dnt know if he is alive??? I am praying for him ,my gkids!! God help us

  9. Physically remove Joe Biden Administration throw them out Washington D.C and the Whitehouse.Our country is under seige.We have a Democratic Socialist Dictatorship.Enemy of the State…………

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