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Democrats decry 'dangerous' MAGA but fund another GOP primary winner


The panel on ‘The Five' says Democrats who claim ‘MAGA' is dangerous aren't acting like it. #thefive #foxnews

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Date: September 17, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Democrats decry 'dangerous' MAGA but fund another GOP primary winner

  1. left extremists are funding Republican candidates they think they can beat in November.
    they can't wrap their minds around the possibility that voters want conservative candidates not moderates anyway.
    pray for high turnout and a conservative tidal wave.
    it's not too late to save this country.

  2. They're supporting MAGA candidates only to drop a huge bomb about MAGA being terrorists therefore either cannot run or a major media onslaught around November. They never run on policy only win using shady tactics.

  3. There’s a reason behind democrats funding them. It’s something nefarious. Warren knows too. I believe it’s to sow division. Warren was slightly prepared for that. Immediately put her hands up and denied it.

  4. They are all so stuck on there power that they can't see that we would rather have Donald Trump as president! They were the reason we voted for him in 2016! They need to charge Hillary and those in the FBI for Russian collusion! They literally had a Russian spy on payroll!! All the while they were trying to say it was Trump! These people are the real terrorists in our country. Hillary stills shows her face publicly witch is just spitting in our face as Americans!🤬🤬

  5. Yeah we are dangerous. Dangerous to all the corrupt Democrats who hold office now. Those who are fixing to get the boot. And Joe Biden's pretty worried knowing he's going to get impeached

  6. Jessica Jessica Jessica people who don’t function in the same reality as the rest of us. We are so divided in this country. I believe in logic facts and truths. They say they do too…..therein is the division, The interpretation of logic facts common sense and truth. Come on November 8. Elections have consequences looking forward to a democratic beat down

  7. Listen at the democrats of the damned the pie pipers piping the fake double Impostor Biden Saying MAGA dangerous. The democrats of the damned are the one's who got behind the riots or anything that was is destructive to against our Country. Now whose the dangerous ones. I believe they're the democrats of the damned are the ones behind January 6th. THE TRUTH WILL OUT.
    “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.” Luke 8:17

  8. What's so hard to figure out. They secretly support Maga Republicans and when they cheat and beat them they'll act like they have a referendum now to do what comes next.

  9. She believes these folks are dangerous. Lmao! A danger for the bad people that will actually have to do jail time for breaking the law. And dangerous for the corrupt politicians that might actually be held accountable for their actions as well. If that's dangerous then I'm all in!

  10. Makes you wonder what the Democrats are supporting them for unless they think they're going to support the mega people and they think people not might not vote for the mega people but that's just who I'm going to vote for Trump endorsed make America great again people…

  11. its clear whats going on, democrats want to get republicans who support trump and associate with his stained name, and then they can easily attack them using jan 6th etc to boost their numbers. Biden won because so many people hate Trump, so why not use that forever more to tear down republican candidates that associate with Trump.

  12. According to democrats its always the same old tired excuses. If democrats do it it's considered "protecting democracy" but if Republicans do the EXACT same things its considered "attacking democracy" 🤔 i hope they get ripped from thier vehicle and robbed blind in the middle of these cities they've destroyed and over ran with criminals.

  13. Proud to be a MAGA! Black woman, ex convict, born poor, ex homosexual, but by the Grace of God… Clean and sober, free for last 21 years, happily married with beautiful children…. Transformed from Democrat to Conservative Maga!!!! Defying all the narratives…. Now what?

  14. Now that the dems successfully ushered in MAGA candidates, It wouldn't surprise me if the socialists Democrats dressed in MAGA gear cause a series violent incidents. A stage is being set.

  15. Who ever spoke last needs to be fire or kick out but she lucky cause she’s working with a good group of republicans and free individuals that won’t cancel her for speaking nonsenses.

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