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DOJ late-night filing reveals new details on Mar-a-Lago raid


Correspondent Mark Meredith reports the latest on what the Justice Department is saying about Trump's request for a ‘special master' from the White House. #FoxNews

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Date: September 17, 2022

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40 thoughts on “DOJ late-night filing reveals new details on Mar-a-Lago raid

  1. If the police raid a bank robber's house and the thief says there is no money in the house, the police should take his word for it and call off the dogs… Ok sure Trump…. there are no top secret documents anywhere in the house…. and can you believe the FBI even looked in Barron's room… OMG… what kind of cops are these? Lock him up already….

  2. I would like to know why they only raided one house? They didn't raid or have a search warrant on his New Jersey home. Don't they have the intelligence to think that he might have paperwork and documents spread between locations.Why didn't they raid it or have a search warrant? Simple BECAUSE THIS WAS A SCAM put together by the democrats just like Hillary put together the Russian collusion. These are a bunch of evil demons. The Biden administration, the justice department, the fbi. Why did Hillary get away with the same crime that they're trying to pin on Donald Trump and hers was proven that she had the documents in her possession and had no right to those documents. But they will not go after her.

  3. Braking news ! Independent sources have revealed to Fox News that the president of Mexico is in talks with President trump for the final details of a deal for the government of Mexico to finally pay for the BORDER WALL !!!

  4. New details have emerged about the corrupt Trump appointed Judge Aileen Cannon who granted his request for a special master and granted an injunction to stop the government from using the documents it obtained during the lawful search of Mar-A-Lago on August 8, 2022 pursuant to a search warrant. It turns out that Trump tried to forum shop to get the frivolous RICO case he filed against Hillary Clinton and others before Judge Aileen. First, he tried to file the lawsuit in the Fort Pierce division where Judge Aileen Cannon sits. When it wasn’t assigned to Judge Cannon, he tried to disqualify the judge it was assigned to so he could try again to get the case before Judge Aileen. This was back in April of this year!

  5. and they didnt go to the moon i dont think we get to far away from this planet our hearts will stop beating. our body is a specifick freaquenxy its called earth lol our heart dont beat without. electricity witch we get from this planet you know a pace maker is electric pulses meaning you can live off a batfery pack till that batt dies and then what

  6. o sont let me forget they got my kids to when thry coming to get my case o wait i made sure to send emails to peope first so they maybe will say no ypu know what its not happening hear but dont see that happenomg so i will deal woth it my way like normal maybe and you know what history used white as a social status not a skin color so Osama i mean obama claiming the first black presidemt lol lol not really osama your skin can be black but thats not what being whote ment historicly llok it up white ment you were american so the yruth is race didnt matter untill it was used as a politicl tool

  7. This is so wrong the government is so corrupt we are done as being America China will now own the world. And if these democrats will think nothing will happen to them, ha China will clean there clock.

  8. 11,000 secret files stolen. 48 or more files are found to be missing after the raid. Those missing files caused the capture and/or deaths of American spies, which the government initiated an emergency response in the form of an FBI raid in an attempt to recover the remaining files to protect America interest and to save the remaining US spies' lives. The government doesn't talk about how many spies were lost due to Trump, because it is policy to deny the spying and the existence of these spies.

  9. To his credit, Donald Trump was able to pull off a PT Barnum master of illusions environment for several years but running our government is not intended as an entertainment venue. A lot of people that got sucked in for the ride are now going to jail or are being sued for millions (e.g., FOX News Network).

  10. As far as I'm concerned the FBI and Orwellian justice department are criminal cartels inside the U.S.goverment …can't see or hear about HUNTER BIDENS laptop but you can see and hear about documents a dully elected president (not a fake one) classified and unclassified while in office constitutionally no one in government PERIOD can tell the president anything about what he classified or unclassified…he had sole discression and the constitution dosent allow anyone to look over his shoulder PERIOD!No one at the FBI Orwell justice department or the courts has ANY CONSTITUTIONAL authority to question anything Trump classified or unclassified or when he did or didn't do it…shut the F up!!!

  11. Just ask yourselves if a Democratic president had stolen classified documents, top secret documents, for any reason at all, would you not want him prosecuted or her? Keep the same energy.

  12. I am so sick of OPINION masqueraded as news by FoxNews, MSNBC, & CNN. Americans need to smarten up! Get informed with FACTS! and not SIDED-OPINION and partial truths or selection of TOPICS that show only one view-point! FoxNews Network claims to have “Opinion Commentators” "strictly to be entertaining," and don't "really have rules."~ they are all just paid mouth pieces promoting FoxNews Network's propaganda! Wake Up America!

  13. Since DEFENDANT Trump's BASE (the MAGAts) are Severely Mentally Handicapped, and do not have the ability to understand even the simplest of concepts, should they not be INSTITUTIONALIZED, or at least have their right to vote taken away??? They should definitely be STERILIZED so as not to PROCREATE!🤦‍♀🤢🤮

  14. This is all made up there no truth to any of this lie! If it were nuclear codes! When the judge signed the warrant, why did Attorney General Merrick Garland sit on this warrant for so long? The warrant was so broad that it coved anything they wanted to take. What is to stop are trusted FBI just planting thing in the documents. The real tell here is the Washington post broke the story. total BS. here Lolo.

  15. With the current political climate, here are some things to consider with the Trump allegations. 1) How many files does a president generate during a term of office? 2) When has any president personally moved his own files and other property out of the Whitehouse? 3)Who moves those files/property? (What are their clearances, political affiliations, ect?) 4) Who has access to those files/property during the removal, transport, storage? 5) At anytime could evidence be planted or tampered?

  16. It's CHECKMATE….Garland. Trump will be indicted, found guilty and be ineligible to ever run for any office again. It took way too long but it seems trump can not shoot someone on 5th Ave. and get away with it…..none of trumps delays or tantrums will change this result, he's history, whether his cult like it or not.

  17. FBI; "Sir you have top secret documents in your home🤨🤨….That's a problem".
    Trump supporters; "It's a witch hunt, fake news".
    (And somehow Trump supporters aren't in a cult, I think so🤔).

  18. More delaying tactics from Donald JUDAS trump, but it won't save the traitor, WHY hasn't ANYONE on Fox asked the question all us REAL PATRIOTS want an answer to, and that is, WHERE ARE OUR NATIONS MISSING TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS NOW TRAITOR TRUMP? Fox have done all the defection stories about the perfectly legal search of the traitors club, and all the other usual Hunter Biden BS, now its time to ask the REAL QUESTIONS, WHY did traitor trump steal thousands of our nations top secrets?and WHY did he LIE about having them? Will someone with a spine at Fox just ask the traitor outright

  19. You don't like to be called a threat, than what are you? Do you have a better definition? What did the polls said a while ago? most of MAGA are election deniers. They don't believe in People's Vote. That's a real Threat to any Democratic country

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