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Dr. Oz: Fetterman is dodging debates to hide his radical record


Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz criticizes his opponent, John Fetterman, for failing to agree to a debate before the early voting period begins. #FoxNews

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Date: September 17, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Dr. Oz: Fetterman is dodging debates to hide his radical record

  1. People in the USA must be completely clueless believing and supporting these Uber rich guys to look after their interests. Wake up!!
    Dr. Oz made an enormous fortune by repeatedly promoting untested and
    superfluous supplements in whose companies he had a financial stake!
    However, he did not disclose this.

  2. So if the demoncrat wants to release the murderers and all the other criminals in jail ….may I at least ask he drop them off at Martha vineyard or Delaware in front of criminal lie'n BRIBESbiden TRAITORjoes' house or san francisco in front of satans daughters'pelosis' house or that press secretary or schumer …Just make sure they all start going to places like. chicago or esp. george sorrows' house he should be happy to have them ALL living in his hood.

  3. Oz is a scam snake oil salesman and a New Jersey/Hollywood fake looking to milk our state for money. He is a citizen of Turkey not Pennsylvania. Look it up. Fetterman has a good solid record as mayor of a small Pennsylvania town. Oz has a record of selling “miracle “ oil.

  4. Anyone can see my photo, and many know that I tend to be long on words, but here's the thing, Why does the DNC have so much of America under it's control? I know that it's the 12 one issue groups that make up the party, here's my comment, reply with one of these 12, the leader, the issue, 10 words or less, the reason that they are part of the mix. With 6 thousand comments we should be able as a group to agree as a group on these 12 leaders of our country, my point is, unless the RNC has a clear photo, being an American will never be enough, to get a better out come politically.

  5. Pennsylvania better wake the f up. It's literally becoming the commiefornia of the east coast. That place is falling apart. My whole family was there when I was a kid they have so much mountain land and country I'm surprised it's ever been democratically run for so long I guess it's the cities that win the elections. Philly is an absolute disgusting place i wouldn't go there if I was invisible and had the powers of Superman . Philly js a dumper fire of everything wrong in America . Just like commiefornia , new York, Ohio, Louisiana.

  6. Funny you Republicans are. There more of y'all who are dodging debates than Democrats. In fact Fetterman AGREED TO DEBATE OZ. We don't need 6 debates FFS. This isn't a presidential election. 1 maybe 2 is fine as long as it's substantial

  7. Hey – if Biden can be president anyone should be able to have a government position – Plain to see being qualified for the job is not recommended in any area of DC

  8. Haven't we already learned our lesson from the train wreck of a president we have in office now, he ran his election from his basement and look where it got this country! Now we have to wonder what will happen in PA if the voters are voting early before a decent debate can occur? Its like pulling the wool over their eyes and then those that do vote for Fetterman, don't complain when PA is worse off because of this guy. Quit with the pity party! He did absolutely nothing for the town where he "played" Mayor. What did he do for anyone in the state of PA before his stroke, absolutely nothing! Unless you count increasing crime and drugs into your towns, the loss of jobs, relying on foreign countries for your heat and fuel. Fool them once Fetterman, shame on you, fool them twice shame on the voters who got what they voted for and deserved!

  9. Dr Oz used to be a comfy TV host. What happened to make him into a vicious pit bull? Would it have anything to do with coming under the influence of "Agent Orange"?

  10. You think Americans are brainwashed
    Keep on watching fox heads
    To OZ land
    Trumpie the con artist
    Destroying the system that he benefited from
    Just like lying OZ.

  11. Get ready for midterms & 2024 where demoRATS refuse to debate…kind of hard to debate marxism, unlimited abortion, open borders, defund police, corruption, incompetence, anti free speech & anti 2a over freedom.

  12. Oz NEEDS to have rallies all over our commonwealth!!! I live in a one square mile town called Conshohocken in pa, 15 minutes from Philadelphia, and I believe that if Pennsylvanians see and hear Oz, it will be an easy choice, Oz!!

  13. Fetterman had already won. Dems will just blatantly cheat and take the votes and seat.
    Only straight forward voting and monitoring of voting can overcome the cheating.
    Don't be fooled.

  14. I don't know too much about this fetterman guy. You know I live in Pennsylvania. So I probably should pay attention more. But what little I do know it just makes me not listen or watch. Cuz the values he holds and his belief system just like many democrats. Is flowed. They live in a different reality. But what I do know about this man is that he came from a wealthy family. Didn't work hasn't worked. People like him have no reason to even run for any type of seat in politics. Whether you want somebody that's connected to the people because they grew up blue collar and work many jobs or just they also worked and they have academia behind them. This man has neither. And his views of the United States and the workings of. Are flawed they are skewed to the extreme. Him and many others like , have this false sense of reality that it's just kittens and unicorns and rainbows and Pop-Tarts. How could he or anyone run for office in ultimately throwing a sales pitch out there of what they can do or should do with their policies but they have no real world experience. It's like myself demanding or protesting to get a point guard position with the LA Lakers. Even though I'm 5'10 and I'm horrible at basketball. I've never played basketball. But because I have an idea of how I would run with the ball. They should just let me in and pay me. It just doesn't make any sense cuz I have no experience so I couldn't demand or request as such.
    furthermore I have that question this man's health. I understand people have genetic predispositions and whatnot. But from what I understand he is mid-40s. And I am as well but look at my thumbnail and look at John fetterman. Huge difference. He never took care of himself. And for him to have stroke and everything else. Like why is he that unhealthy at an early age. Probably behind closed doors and avid use of cocaine or other drugs. It just doesn't make any sense

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