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€1.9 Million Yacht Tour : Bluegame BG54


An intriguing new model from Italian yard Bluegame that focuses on outside living space and brilliant functionality, the Bluegame BG54.

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Date: September 17, 2022

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34 thoughts on “€1.9 Million Yacht Tour : Bluegame BG54

  1. Ooh I think I've found my lottery win! I love, love love this one. My mum lives out in Southern Italy, and I can just imagine having this moored somewhere like Brindisi and spend a couple of weeks batting up the coast from beach to beach!

  2. Hi Nick I absolutely love this boat and it’s layout – it feels very fresh and usable like it wants you to take it out to play rather than being sat in a marina ! However I have a feeling there is a forklift truck somewhere missing it’s steering wheel?😉🤔

    Great tour as usual bud including some “magic editing”

    All the best Ziggy

  3. Can I just say that I love this channel? It’s got it all – Savvy host, witty banter, cool boats, boats that I find interesting, boats with seemingly odd features – all united by a common characteristic: well out of my league!! And yet, approachable thanks to Nick! Bravo, and thanks!

  4. What a stunning yacht, I really like how they have actually listened to what people want not just made a boat with it’s only purpose to look good! Brilliant tour as always thanks Nick.

  5. Will you be touring the bigger BlueGame yachts? like the BGX60? I absolutely love them, but they have so few photos on their website, it would be great to see videos of them! Especially as I watch all of yours

  6. A true party boat. Russian oligarchs would love this for presents for their children. The most sought after specs would be for the music system and cinema. $2 million…wow…just the most ugly horrible boat. This is the sort of boat that John Wick would have to compromise to kill the inhabitants….this boat has party written all over it. The sort of boat that when it arrives and moors in a peaceful cove…all of the other boat owners anchored there would just grimace and look elsewhere for a quieter anchorage.

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