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€3 Million Yacht Tour : Bluegame BGX60


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46 thoughts on “€3 Million Yacht Tour : Bluegame BGX60

  1. The boat is amazing , very functional and a worthy departure from your regular 60 footer … however Aquaholic also does a tremendous job in showing us each area and demonstrates clearly how each segment is intended to function etc etc …. WELL DONE !

  2. I`m just a little bit in love with that boat Nick… Super design and so very very clever.. You`re wrong actually… I thought that a very professional tour… Funny as hell and extremely informative. Someone please give me 3 million euros🤣

  3. Wow watched your BG 54 yacht tour then saw the BGX 60 pop up wow this yacht is awesome ,the layout of the whole yacht is superb ,only thing i'd change would be get rid of the crew cabin and give that space to the VIP cabin .Maybe have the small cabin with a double bed instead of the bunkbeds ,overall a brilliant tour as always Nick .

  4. An absolutely good looking and smartly designed vessel. I love the layout, the material choices. Really good. Just wondering how she handles in a following sea, with waves across the back deck.

  5. Beautiful tour Nick, you're at your best when you do things spontaneously and with humour. With the BGX72 I've always felt that they didn't get enough interior space out of a 70 footer, but I recon they did a much better job of the 60. Thank you for bringing us along!

  6. After seeing way too many videos I have noticed that the only one who says anything else than "Glory, Hallelujah!" is captain Steve on boat test. He doesn't critisize much either, but he can say: I would like a grabrail here…
    Don't get me wrong, I like these videos! I just feel that thet are more on the positive side than around zero/neutral. Would in my opinion be nice to sometimes hear a "Nicely done, but they could have made it this way instead." to compare against other boats…

  7. I think the reverse sloped windscreens also are less affected by some of the heavier loads from waves coming over the bows, which is why this design is seen on and originating for the most part on the more serious sea capable displacement hull craft.

  8. Nick. Thank you so much for your relaxed and fun tours. This BGX60 is amazing. I am huge fan of the Absolute Navetta 64 which also has beach club / 4th cabin possibilities but the BGX60 is super clever in how to access the beach club. Here you can walk straight into the area from internal access whereas on the AN 64 you need to gain access from bathing platform. It’s two different boats of course but yet similar in many ways. If I had the money it would be one of these two. I don’t see many others offering such versatility in the 60 foot range. (And I have seen most of your videos now 😉) All the best. Michael.

  9. My dream boat! One of the most distinctive (and expensive), well designed and yet practical 60 footers on the market. It actually looks kindof military! Got to start saving the pennies…Once again, a great tour, Nick. Have been hoping that you would do one of your comprehensive and entertaining walkthroughs of the BGX60, and here we are! This is the layout I was thinking about with the door from the Master to the third/kid's cabin, so now I know that it's doable and what it looks like! Tx again!

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