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€5.4 Million Yacht Tour : VisionF 80


So much to discuss here – an 80ft aluminium catamaran with unique hull colours and a myriad of layout and drive options. And if that's not enough, there's a collaboration with Silent Yachts too! The VisionF 80.

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Date: September 17, 2022

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22 thoughts on “€5.4 Million Yacht Tour : VisionF 80

  1. Impressive but, only with regard to Nick's narrative. The boat leaves a LOT to be desired. Why would I go for this for that price tag when I can get a boat with a far more efficient use of space (trade-off being the beam)? Then I heard the phrase "silent yacht"…..please….give me a break. That would be the absolute LAST type of boat I'd consider.

  2. It’s not often I see a boat like this which has been incredibly well designed on one side and then it’s like they let a three-year-old Design the other side. Needing levers to open the doors is ridiculous. I wouldn’t want to be a crewmember on that boat.

  3. I dont know about people who like to spin up holding companies so they dont have to pay taxes on their yachts, but the welds down below on the hull at the end are… really not very impressive for five mil.

  4. It might just be my joiner side coming out but that really bugs me the fact the fridge and freezer are hinged the same way! The freezer should be hinges on the opposite side so they both open up to look like 1 unit

  5. My direct ancestor is one of the reasons for The Establishment Clause (First Amendment). Question: How many Catholics in 1776 out of a population of 4,500,000 people and why so few?

  6. In the Caribbean sun you will burn yourself if you touch any part of the hull that's exposed to the sun. A black boat is not very practical. Keeping the inside of that thing cool will be a nightmare.

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