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Entegra Odyssey 30Z – My Favorite RV at Hershey RV Show!!!


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Date: September 16, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Entegra Odyssey 30Z – My Favorite RV at Hershey RV Show!!!

  1. Watching Matt’s rv reviews is informative and entertaining for me anyway. I own a 2021 gulfstream 6320 class C with full body paint. Am I impressed with it? Nope. Am I impressed with any of the others? Nope. You can only change the floor plan but so much and that’s that. And they all ride like crap, especially in the rear suspension. Yep I did full aftermarket upgrades on the front end and now have to do something with the backend. Maybe Matt’s rv reviews can critique the ride quality on these units? Doubt it but just throwing it out there.

  2. Not a bad rig overall, but the bathroom is all wrong.

    The shower should be by it’s self on one side and the throne and sink on the other side with doors sealing off the bathroom.

    Maybe the manufacturer was in a rush to get that rig ready for the show that they forgot to put piano hinges on the storage seats…..

  3. If Matt’s favorite RV at Hershey had crappy cargo door latches, no attached ladder and a split bathroom with “NO PRIME POOPING POSITION” then I’m so happy that I didn’t make the trip to the show👍👍👍

  4. Why is the rear slide out (East-West) so small? The bed appears to be a standard size not even a queen. Jettison the side tables on each bedside, expand slide out to accommodate two adjustable RV twins with a table in the middle up against the back slide wall.

  5. I love our 30Z. I do not like those new valances in the 2023. We have the 2022 and I love the original valances. We did have to change out the mattress. The mattress that came with it was so hard. I love the floorplan, colors, and cabinets on the farmhouse. It is a perfect motorhome for us.

  6. My 2022 Greyhawk 30z has worked out well. A few minor teething problems, remedied by dealer. Toilet roll on ours was on wall facing toilet and has gotten broken off, but seems like a better spot than this Entegra. Our running boards are fiberglass and look better, also got chrome mirrors with side camera. The cab over bunk on the Entegra is nicer, both for the side storage and window. The Greyhawk also had slam latches. The out the door price on Greyhawk was $105k. Thanks for the review Matt and Jen

  7. This was one of my favorites and this is so much money, I HATE THOSE BLINDS! Haha. Plus why why why did they not go up all the way up with the back splash. And the theater seats do not look comfortable. I guess this is going to be a no for me now. Looks like it is built cheaper but more money.

  8. Great review but we have the 2021 and it was a PPP?? We love the floor plan!! It has the most room of any class C we drove and you reviewed! With the slides in it is by far the most room for us and the fur babies!! The step up sucks! But the spilt bathroom works!!?? MSRP was higher than we had for 2021. We love ours!! The 30z is a great floor plan and what They changed was where the t.p. Holder is on our 2021 it's in front of you when you gave it the PPP!!

  9. Well Matt first you’re the best but let me tell you a very sad story. We ordered a Entegra Odyessey 30Z from La Mesa Rv in West Sacramento seven months ago. It finally arrived and went to the dealership to take delivery. To our great disappointment it was in deplorable condition, dirty, bug splatters, white over spray all over the rear bumper, scratched up wood work inside, window screens laying on the seats, damaged pocket doors, AG hanging down from the ceiling, rubber molding not fitting, the Entegra stickers on the front peeling off and much more. La Mesa Rv refused to even try and correct these problems and instead said, “hey look let’s just refund your deposit and you we can go our separate ways. They when I didn’t go for that they offered me 2k off the price to just go away. We left the dealership not even being walked out or encouraged that the problems would corrected. The idiot sales manager called a few days later and said they didnt want to do the deal because it was going to be too much trouble so now we have no new motorhome after seven months. I’ve never been treated like this from any dealership in my life. The Entegra Rep was no help either and the customer relations person (Pearl) was also no help and didn’t even off any possible solutions. So folks if you’re looking for a motorhome I would stay clear of La Mesa RV in West Sacramento. Stick with Matts Rv reviews for ordering

  10. Three things I like;
    1) L-shaped kitchen
    2) 30"X36" shower
    3) Floorplan
    Three things I dislike;
    1) No slamb-latch doors exterior
    2) Turn bed east/west for more storage and add washer/dryer option.

  11. I wish they included an option for this to have a washer/dryer. There are a lot of people who fulltime but want a shorter RV. So many places either don't have a laundry facility or it isn't clean. RV manufacturers, please include an option for w/d.

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