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Even Fox News Was Stunned by Cassidy Hutchinson's Devastating Testimony: A Closer Look


Seth takes a closer look at former White House official Cassidy Hutchinson's shocking testimony before the January 6 committee, revealing that Trump orchestrated a violent coup and wanted to lead an armed mob to the Capitol to overturn the election.

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Even Fox News Was Stunned by Cassidy Hutchinson's Devastating Testimony: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


Date: September 17, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Even Fox News Was Stunned by Cassidy Hutchinson's Devastating Testimony: A Closer Look

  1. There are two choices for the people that supported trump, they are either mean or idiots that believe cows fly.
    I don't know, I always in my heart thought that all the people from FOXnews knew better (or maybe that is what I wanted to think, maybe the only SOBwith some gray matter is Sean Hannity, who by the way I don't know how he is not related one way or another to all this?), but by the confused looks of those FOX anchors, I think I have to choose the later and perhaps they are not really mean, they just believe in the nice princess that lives with seven men in the woods.

  2. Lol…..this aged well 🙄
    Trump haters will grasp on to literally any bullshit to feed their obsessive hate.
    The clowns who made comments like “the walls are closing in” “we got him this time” all don’t understand that the media fed them their slow drip feed of hate. Day after day until one day Trump is permanently in your heads and you appear on threads like this with the unhinged comments about a person you don’t even know…..🤡

  3. So the mouse and I were on the F Train to paradise, which is a small stretch of sidewalk between 35 and 37 Cranberry St. Brooklyn Heights on the way to the Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital where the mouse met his first girlfriend who was on her way there for a minor procedure. Anyways, we get there and we stand between two Trees of Heaven (Alianthus Rodenticanus) and the mouse and I stand in silence and the mouse weeps a bit coz they broke up coz two years ago coz she met a rich rat from the Upper East Side whilst convalescing in the 2nd Ave. Subway and that was that. Anyways, we gonna do this twice a year coz Tristram says that it will help in the ‘grieving process’, (whatever that psycho- babble schitt is), and apparently in the ‘7 stages of Grief’ it is the 4 ½ one where you go back to where you met and cry and then sage smoke cleanse the area and then sing ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen for ten minutes. (Total bs I think, but the mouse assures me that it helps) then we went for a coffee at Vineapple, and he says, “Thanks for support bro. When the rest run out, you run in. When things get tough the tough get going and the weak eat charcuterie and drink IPA and you don’t.” (I do actually, but whatever.) So the mouse is sniffling a bit into his latte and it’s not post-COVID symptoms and then he says, “So you know how Dale Carnegie said that ‘Happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, but what you think’? Well, I think that happiness depends on who you are and what you have, so suck on that Dale…smartass!” (Oooh…Tristram hadn’t told me about stage 5….’anger and resentment towards Dale Carnegie’, so I was a bit startled.) then I said, bro…buddy…compadre….mes amie…sad dude…grieving bachelor…Dale Carnegie also said ‘Move on from bich ass girlfriends quickly or you’ll get really depressed and be at risk of alcoholism’. (He didn’t say that but sometimes a white lie really helps….am I right or am I right?)

  4. How many millions communist DEMONICRATS are giving her to do this dirty job for them and communist Congress are PUTING in a lot off dept our country and spending our hard working middle class Americans citizens with a lot of taxyti give money to this TREITORS TIRANYAND

  5. All of this TREITORS that supposed comes out and trying to get back to our Best president Donald J TRUMP are TREITORS and every institution that hires should think about very hard because they're not going to be good for any jobs because they can do to their company

  6. That's all that countries need – comedians who continuously are in search of a "cause" that allows them to monetize "their wisdom". The comedian in Ukraine – picked "fighting the corruption" as "his cause" and he managed to actually turn his role as a corruption-fighting clown into a very lucrative real-life "President". One that fights corruption by shutting down all opposition. A classic one-party State. That eliminates 50% of the corruption instantly.
    What does this have to do with Colbert? Nothing -since he has neither an idea nor the intelligence to find a topic that interests anybody on an ongoing basis. No – hating Trump is not enough to make it as a comedian – unless you find other players – like Zelenskyj – to play with you.

  7. 29 June 2022 Q drops the following:
    What is at stake?

    Who has control?


    Who was surprised?

    Who will be surprised?

    Use your logic.

    Can emotions be used to influence decisions?

    How do you control emotion?

    Define 'Plant'.

    How do you insert a plant?

    Can emotions be used to insert a plant?

    Who is Cassidy Hutchinson?

    Trust the plan.


    And at 30 June 2022 this video comes online……….CABALISTIC BASTARDS WE HAVE IT ALL

  8. Seth – taking your kids to see a drag queen show today? Why don't you support the WORST trash in every city? Oh, that's right you do.
    The most depressing, depraved – and the teachers who deliver it to our kindergarten kids.

  9. They can try to say she's a "low level staffer" all they want. But an audio recorder in the room would have had even lower status, yet everyone would certainly want to hear every word on it, and various groups would be happy to pay $50 million dollars for it, either to release it, or to destroy it. And she was right there hearing every word, and numerous comments she relayed were to and from her personally. That's a bit better than a hypothetical recorder. The 'low level staffer' gambit only works as an indication that someone wasn't in the room, and so could only guess at what was going on. But she was right there, front and center in the middle of it all. No guessing involved.

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