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every fitness celebrity influencer is lying to you..


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Date: September 17, 2022

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30 thoughts on “every fitness celebrity influencer is lying to you..

  1. You're spot on correct about the lack of transparency and for a lifelong lifter like me the illusion Hollywood propagates is frustrating. I watched a 30 minute YouTube video that was a compilation of most of the MCU, DC and Fox actors talking about how they got jacked and not surprisingly nothing was mentioned about PEDs. In fact half of them were sending the message that "you too can look like me if you eat 4 thousand calories a day and lift 3 hours a day" full well knowing they are juicing like a mofo

  2. I think the Kumail had a transformation that could be achieved naturally. At least the 2018-2020 part. He did seem to thicken up quite a bit from 2020-2022 but it's really hard to tell with just photos. Guys who are naturally bean poles will always look way way bigger in photos than they actually are.

  3. Want to look and feel good? Make being fit your life not 90 days or a year. Get moving and be consistent no matter what. Get outside. Hike couple times a week, ride your bike, lift weights and be patient. Eat decent but not fanatic. Enjoy life.

  4. I drink organic beet juic before every workout. It is like natural NO explode but NO it won't get you THAT big. The electro sim thing works but once again it doesn't get "The Rock" big.

  5. I worked out 20 min a night, at least 4 nights a week for 6 months plus an hour of bike riding for 6 weeks. Went form 185 to 167. Look similar to 5.35 min mark. Also cut my food intake to once daily. Not unrealistic and I am 50.

  6. Thank you, PewdiePie. For bringing about the conclusion to this delusion. This news however will not prevent me from getting swole, I will simply just transition my inspiration to those who actually got their physique naturally.

  7. There is an asian guy on youtube that is naturel and shows real work etc, he also always says have a beautiful day,forgot his name tho … real cook guy!

  8. I thought I knew a little bit about this, but I had no idea Kumail's transformation was unrealistic. I thought getting that in a year was achieveable and I'm genuinely so shocked that it's not.

  9. Looking at photos of Robert Pattinson and how he looks for Batman (like a normal fit person), I think you're bang on. He wanted to say that but stopped himself just in time. Looking around a gym today, I figure there are countless people on 'roids. Like, I'd go as far as saying that steroid use is at an all-time high in society.

  10. Problem with Noel is that all of his videos are scripted and probably by a team behind him. It's just to gain popularity and revenue, everyone praising him but he's just another roidhead trying to earn money on poor beginners. People can't just see through that

  11. There's a decent chance Chris Pratt is natural, his physique is naturally attainable for a guy with his natural size and genetics. People get hung up on how fast he transformed, but you look at him when he was younger, he was already fit, then got fat. It's a lot easier to get BACK into shape, then it is to get into shape. And he really didn't put on all that much muscle, he was already big. He may have used clenbuteral ( a steroid that does not put on muscle, but makes it much easier to lose fat without losing muscle) to help lose the weight, but it could be done without it, and I definitely don't think he is juicing to maintain, just living a clean life and hitting the gym.

  12. Being unnatural while promoting a fitness routine is CLEARLY FRAUDULENT. AND IT SHOULD BE PROSCUTED. But I'm not delusional, I know that government will never prosecute anyone for just lying.

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