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Everything I Know About Not Getting Suspended Or Banned From eBay


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Date: September 16, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Everything I Know About Not Getting Suspended Or Banned From eBay

  1. Yes people get in trouble for selling drugs @14:00. Selling over the counter supplements and "drugs" are not trouble. You have always been spot on knowledgeable about clothing issues. Why not extend that ability beyond the character of "Hearsay from a man in a hat." @ 13:57. No, I am no one, special or otherwise. I'm trying to learn a new line of work due to a disabling accident 5 years ago that put me out of working how I had for my adult life. YOU put yourself in this position, providing the truest quality of clothing information I have found across 12 sellers posting YouTube videos. You provide quality information. Do not fuck that up with random incoherent non-factual based ramblings. It does not suit you well.

  2. @13:34 You spoke of not being allowed to sell medical devices on eBay. Here is a quote from their policy on that. "Medical devices that require a prescription can't be sold on eBay. Listings for other medical devices must follow our policy." Their policy is not that harsh.

  3. WHOA WAIT a minute tough guy!! The first video I seen of yours & subsequently subscribed to your videos, you spoke about Kevlar. You were talking about using Kevlar in the title. You talked about how it could bring about a VERO on an account. You posted a title with the word Kevlar in the title you said. Then you stated, "Who cares, I don't." Now you're backpedaling on that?

  4. It's too bad that this behaviour wasn't made main stream to show that these companies obviously don't give a damn about the environment. Reselling helps keep clothes from just being thrown onto the trash heap or sent to some other country and leaving them with the problem. It also creates a way for people to earn a living and pay the bills. If more companies take on this attitude, then shame on them. It's outright disgusting! More clothing companies need to get with the program and start turning to and embracing refashion.

  5. Hi id love for you to come and see the thrift store i go to on sundays here in santa maria. If i spend a certain amount during the week i get a coupon for sundays 75 % off clothing. And this place is huge. Im talking $$$$ everywhere. Your videos entertain me and it would make my day.!

  6. I feel pretty confident that EBAY's system of closing accounts is an automated system that acts on very very weak signals of suspicious activity. There is no humans actually sitting and look at the accounts and decide that there is suspicious activity but an algorithm that decides it. EBAY is benefitting quite substantial having robots to do this instead of human beings. However the system is floored and accounts gets suspended for no reason. And this is the real reason EBAY refuse to tell why accounts get suspended. The cat is out of the bag. EBAY will never give up the financial benefit of having an automated system instead of actual people going through the accounts. The constant saving of having an automated system far outweighs the profit they would make on random sales. This is why EBAY can not be trusted. They have a failed system towards the sellers but to a substantial benefit to themselves. We know that sellers who get their accounts suspended absolutely one hundred percent would like to know why. Still EBAY defends the practice of not telling with a passion and this is of course the reason. Their own financial benefit and to hell with the sellers who unjustly got their accounts suspended even after years trading successfully on EBAY. It is a shameful,amoral and cynical practice by EBAY and they are not to be trusted.

  7. Can confirm water filters, got a VeRO deleted listing for refrigerator water filters after it had been up a few weeks. Electrolux, apparently… I think they may have made the filter but haven't been able to connect them yet.

  8. Wished I watched this video a few weeks ago. Beach body took my listing down and eBay gave me a warning. Ughhh i was only selling for twenty bucks too. Bastards

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