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Everything I Returned From SHEIN: Prices and Try On Haul. Part 1/2 #shein # #tryonhaul


This is what I didn’t like from SHEIN. This is part of a 2 video series, I made another video where I talk about the items that I love. I’m not hating on this company. The prices are pretty solid for what you get. Also, on your first order they pay to return your items and provide you with a shipping label. So you can estimate what you might want to keep!! 🙂

Please comment if you have any ideas on what you would want me to review.

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Date: September 18, 2022

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6 thoughts on “Everything I Returned From SHEIN: Prices and Try On Haul. Part 1/2 #shein # #tryonhaul

  1. I'd suggest you lower the volume of the background music for future videos, it's kind of intrusive. Lol, I'm sorry that's the first comment i leave out to you, I just came across your channel and I really like the video idea. Looking forward to your growth and future content!

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