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Everything You Need to Know to Max All Confidants in Persona 5 Royal (NO MAJOR SPOILERS)


This is all the information you need to effectively max out all confidants in Persona 5 Royal for the Playstation 4.

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More info on confidants:

NOTE: Days listed are the usual days confidants are available, but there are exceptions such as for events, weather, etc.

Name – Availability – Time Slot – Misc.
Makoto – Sun./Tues./Thurs./Sat. – Day
Haru – Random – Day
Yusuke – Sun./Mon./Tues./Fri. – Day
Sojiro – Mon./Tues./Thurs. – Night
Ann – Sun./Tues./Wed./Fri. – Day
Ryuji – Tues./Wed./Fri./Sat. – Day
Akechi – (Tues.)/Wed./Sat. – Night – Tues. availability is from mid-July – mid-August. Locks after 11/17.
Futaba – Sun./Wed./Thurs./Sat. – Day
Chihaya – Sun./Tues./Thurs. – Night
Iwai – Sat./Sun. – Night
Takemi – Most Days – Day – Available at night while in relationship.
Kawakami – (Tues.)/(Wed.)/Fri./Sat. – Night – ( ) = sometimes.
Ohya – Mon./Tues./Thurs./Fri. – Night
Shinya – Mon./Tues./Thurs./Sat. – Day
Hifumi – Mon./Wed./Sat. – Night
Yoshida – Sun. – Night – Also available on holidays. Locks after 11/14.
Kasumi – (Wed.)/(Thurs.)/(Sun.) – Day – See below.
Maruki – Mon./Fri. – Day – Locks at rank 5 until 9/20. Available almost everyday after 9/20. Locks after 11/17.

– Kasumi's availability changes depending on the month between the listed days until the 3rd semester. During the 3rd semester she is available almost every day; however, if you don't get her to rank 5 by 12/22 her confidant will become locked.

– Yoshida: Forgot to mention he requires you to work at the Gyu-don place in Shibuya 2 times, then visit him on two separate days outside Shibuya station to start his confidant.

– For a full schedule showing who is available every day of the game see this link (warning: it's in Japanese so you may need to use Google translate if you can't read Japanese):

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Date: September 17, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know to Max All Confidants in Persona 5 Royal (NO MAJOR SPOILERS)

  1. For even more info besides what I talk about in the video (confidant availability, etc.), please check the video description as I have it all listed there.

  2. Can anyone help me out? I’m trying to start working at the Beef Bowl to start the Sun Confidant, but I don’t see the job pamphlet for it at the pamphlet outlet in Shibuya. I read online that in Royal, the only day you can start working there is 5/6. I’m well into June at this point and am really hoping I didn’t miss the singular opportunity to start the Confidant line. Can anyone help? Also, I’m only at Proficiency 1, I know you need Proficiency 2 to get the job but I have to assume they’d at least show the option for Beef Bowl then say you don’t have a high enough Proficiency.

  3. Well im stuck with vanilla P5 until i get my hands on a ps4 or atlus ports royal both of wich wont be happening these days, soooo max social stat farm it is

  4. 7:45 I think this may be a mistake. Yoshida’s confidant needs you to talk to him during one of his speeches, go to the beef bowl shop to work after the speech, and talk to him after you’ve met each other at the beef bowl shop.

  5. To all who posted, first good job Rozalin on this vid makes perfect sense. As to every new gamer you can max all confidents and social stats in one playthrough, I did that also maruki is only needed to reach max by that Nov date, akechi you want max to get the good ending and his 3rd tier persona it will happen on Feb 3rd as for kusumi getting her to 5 is easy, however neither is required for you to get into 3rd semester only maruki needs to be completed. ALso in my experience confidants you have yet to rank up to 10 you have plenty of time to rank up your night confidents in 3rd semester, your day ones get tricky if you want everyones 3rd tier persona and kasumi 2nd maxing her out. I would recommend you getting all daytime confidential maxed before 12/22 as you have less free time in 3rd semester doing the day unless you neglect 3rd tier personas. ALso remember maxing out confidence when you say goodbye to each of them will give an item that will unlock some or all of their abilities when you gain them again in NG+. My advice focus on day confidents before 3rd semester, as you have more free time at night.

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