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Evicted And Living In Their Car During A Pandemic


The nationwide CDC eviction moratorium doesn’t protect all tenants from eviction or homelessness. Margaret and John Eaddy have been living out of their car for nearly three months after they were evicted from their home on September 29. Now, they are struggling to find permanent housing. According to lawyers and community organizers, many people are confused about their legal protections under the moratorium.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Evicted And Living In Their Car During A Pandemic

  1. America is trash ! need to just find a private owner .. someone has to give yall a chance this is terrible nobody willing to help ! a damn shame! this makes me extremely upset

  2. I am a renter and found myself needing to apply this CDC eviction Moratorium a few times during the pandemic because my hours were cut, but I never stopped paying my whole rent and I paid what I owed on whatever date that was agreed upon in my payment plan. This moratorium was designed for people who have legit reason why they can't pay their rent. It was not to protect all people who decided they are going to just stop paying. First there is a form that you should print offline or get from your landlord letting them know you will be late(each month you will be late this from need to be filled out). On the form it ask you have you applied for assistance so basically have you tried to seek help for yourself so that your rent wont have to be late. Then it ask if you filed unemployment if your hours at work were cut or you lost income. Based on your responses the landlord can approve or deny you more time with your rent being late…meaning they can say yes when will you pay and waive the late fees or they can say you haven't tried to seek help you qualify for. Also you need to have proof when you apply for things or if your hours at work are reduced then have your job give you a letter to backup your claim. You have to show why you cant pay like show proof of your monthly expenses and then proof of what money you are receiving. Many people just want the landlord to take your word and then don't want to pay not even a portion under this Moratorium and that is not what its for. Many people saw this as an opportunity for a free ride, but the landlord has to pay their mortgage on the property that you staying in for free. If these people who went to court had evidence from emails of communication to and from their landlord about their inability to pay and papers from their job reflecting the loss of income as well as other documents they would be protected. I feel for the kids in these situations because they cant control it, but these parents need to be more proactive with making and keeping a paper trail for proof in case a landlord ever try to make false claims… keep all rent receipts limit contact to just emails or record all phone conversations. Get proof from your job if and whenever your hours are reduced at work, immediately file for unemployment when hours are reduced to show you tried to fix your situation. Apply for all assistance and keep proof proof proof.

  3. Great old America! Heartless Hypocrites! Hope they find something. If they was coming from Ukraine or Mexico they would have been in a place. America turns it back to our Veterans. God will avenge all bad deeds of a corrupt non caring world.

  4. "Unfortunately if we check the court records and see an eviction, we can't help you." Wow…not even interested to know these people's story. This is how the "haves" in this country have kept the poor and the working poor under the heel of their boots for many, many decades. It is morally and ethically wrong, but who helps these poor people?? It is a disgrace…..

  5. They seem like really nice people. This is heartbreaking 💔 I don’t like seeing anyone struggling like this. Sad… really sad 😢
    Her eviction is like a rental credit report. They use it as a blueprint for approval.

  6. Your going to places that need to qualify for.. and lie! You go to private owners only! Take your records from court with you and actually physically show them that before the pandemic you paid your rent on time before this global pandemic and mean while buy a tent that you can fold up easy use it at night so you can stretch your legs and get some sleep and go to laundry mats , , there is a program called rapid relocation and,

  7. Y'all better stop playing and tell your best friend to play like he/she is your landlord. And please stop telling these people that you're homeless when applying for an apartment. 🤔

  8. This may sound crazy, but there are people who are selling all they have to live in their cars for freedom. If they rethink their situation, they can possibly turn this around to their favor. They have a niche tripod on phone, they should start a youtube channel documenting their life in a vehicle. They can possibly get more income that way. I know this is crazy, but I'm trying to think out the box here. Any updates on them? Hope they are ok.

  9. That's why I hate landlords all they care about is money they don't care about their tenants problem bc they don't understand what tenants going through all they worried about is money

  10. I feel for her but the problem isn't the landlord or the legal system. As a society, we need to make housing a real priority. It's also worth mentioning people are evicted not just because they failed to pay the rent… but because they also refuse to vacate the rental. This is a 100% avoidable situation most of the time and as this video demonstrates its not worth trying to stay and risking the stigma of an eviction. Also, a lot of times the landlord after a successful eviction ends up on the hook for months of unpaid rent and/or waste to the property. Hardly fair to put your problems on someone else's back, who may also have problems of their own to deal with.

  11. Why don't you just live in your car permanently? I can't tell you the number of people who do just that. Look up "living in my car" on Youtube and you'll see MANY people happily living in their vehicles.

  12. There are lots of homeless people in the US. A lot of foreigners don't realize that fact when they want to come to America. We actually have MORE homeless natural-born citizens than we have illegals who cross our southern border.

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